Murder Records is honored to present to you ORGIA NUCLEAR, emerging from the diabolical mind of Jonathan Hellthrasher Maniac, an explosive creature from the infamous Brazilian underworld.

"O Retorno Do Caos Total A Exterminação Completa" are the apocalyptic extilations of the first record "Caos Total" that ORGIA NUCLEAR originally released in 2012, being now fully re-recorded by Armando Exekutör in his guitar, where he executes us with his decimating solos. Bitch Hunter with his bass guitar that butchers us with the spacing of fearless drums, while we are shot with the bass of Jonathan Hellthrasher Maniac who is also responsible for the blasphemous vomits and a whole explosive concept in constant destructive chaos for total extermination.

Complementing this with an Intro and three more songs never released, compositions made at that time and today in a consistent way gain a totally independent form with a Rock N Hell rebellion in this new album of ORGIA NUCLEAR, mixing and mastering by Bitch Hunter in 2020 and that is now presented here to smash you against a wall.

There were many cycles and challenges that ORGIA NUCLEAR faced over the years, but always writing their history in a dignified and authentic way, without selling out or surrendering to the miserable stardom that infests the Underground and to which many ends up selling themselves!

The real ORGIA NUCLEAR ideals have always been against this kind of attitude and they intend to continue spreading chaos, stepping on the heads of the weak, with musical perversity, keeping a marginal and aggressive line in their lyrics, ideas of revolt, visions of horror about this world and its submissive humanity.

Even with all that, there were never any barriers that couldn't be broken or blown up in order to follow the march of chaos and the Thrash Metal explosion. Over the years ORGIA NUCLEAR has managed to create its own genre that we can include in the true Speed Black Thrash Metal Punk Marginal that will explode your brain.

“O Retorno Do Caos Total A Eliminação Completa”

Cassette + Poster A2 + Booklet with 8 Pages A5
Limited Edition of 100 copies hand-numbered


01 - Intro (0:48)
02 - Caos Total (1:56)
03 - Combustível Profano (2:28)
04 - Desgraça Na Terra (1:29)
05 - Inocência Corrompida (3:45)

06 - Maníaco Sexual (2:58)
07 - Força De Vontade (2:38)
08 - Noite Perdida (2:09)
09 - União Hellthrasher (2:30)
10 - Traição (4:10)

All lyrics by Jonathan Hellthrasher.
Songs by Nuclear Orgy, except Unholy Fuel, Corrupted Innocence and Force of Will by Bitch Hünter, and Hellthrasher Union by Armando Exekutör.
Vocals were originally recorded in August 2012 and instruments were recorded in September 2020 at Vampire's Studio RJ in Brazil.
Solos recorded in November 2020 at Cavalcantes Studio.
Produced, mixed, and mastered by: Bitch Hünter.
Traição is a bônus track extracted from the EP "Eliminando os Falsos"
Logo and Cover by Jonathan Hellthrasher Maniac
Final layout by Danihell Slaughter.

Jonathan Hellthrasher Maniac: Vocals & Bass
Bitch Hünter: Guitars, Bass, Drums & Backing Vocals
Armando Exekutör: Guitar Solo

Line-up in the bônus track Traição:
Jonathan Hellthrasher Maniac: Vocals & Bass
HellsexmaniaxXx: Guitar & Backing Vocals
Hellragnar: Bass
Hellatomicsemen: Drums