Alcohelldrugs are a band from the Brazilian northeastern underworld that was formed in 2014 by two drunkards junkies brothers, Thiago Xaruto and Henrique Alcoholic who came together to extract all the thirsty chaos and self-destruction that runs through their veins and that they feel in their chest.

Although the first years were not productive in terms of releases the band during these 6 years of existence played in the most insane underground for lovers of true metal punk just to toast with our self-destruction in the chaos with death.

Alcohelldrugs presents its first release entitled "Never Stop The Madness" in 2018 in the CD format that was released by Resistência UndergroundDtiro in Brazil.

The following year in 2019 Alcohelldrugs presents its second release in the split with BURIAL GROUND entitled "Hellish Alcoholic Attack" which was released by Resistência UndergroundDtiro in Brazil.

In 2020 Alcohelldrugs remains buried in the abyssal depths of hell in order to assume its partnership with Murder Records which presents the new release of the band entitled "Infernal Metal Punk" in Cassette format.

Also in 2020 Alcohelldrugs presents its latest release which will be the split with Thrashera entitled "Amoral" which was launched by the UndergroundDtiro Resistance in Brazil and in the Cassette format by Murder Records in Europe.

Alcohelldrugs will remain immersed in the decadence of the perverse underworld of darkness where new doses of chaos will be prepared baptized with the alcohol poisons and will be vomited with the overdoses that are being prepared for 2021.

Thiago Xaruto (Guitar \ Vocals)
Henrique Alcoholic (Drums)

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