In mid-2017, in a conversation between Paulo and Eduardo, the ideal project based on the old "Speed Metal Old School" that could still mix with the raw side of "Crust" beats, simplifying the sound result for something more objective and direct, a recipe widely used by numerous bands around the world, from the oldest to the current. For that, they recruited Bruno Somalha to take over the drumsticks, who besides being a great friend of a long time is a deep connoisseur of the Punk universe, "D' Beat" and would only add to the initial idea.

In the beginning and with a lot of eagerness, the first compositions came, since the idea was always to develop the songs themselves with the intention of at least recording material without the pretension of participating in events.

Still, without a name and already with some songs, the members decided to call the band Vultör, which according to Eduardo, watching an old documentary about ancestral wars, was the name given to those men who, for any reason, be it physical or old age, were prevented from war, and thus assigned to the horrible task of collecting the bodies of dead warriors on the battlefields, being direct witnesses of the glimpse of hell. Vultör comes from the Latin, vultur, which means vulture, bird of prey that feeds on the flesh of dead animals.

In order to emphasize the messages to the Brazilian countrymen, the lyrics are all in Portuguese and show the paths of humanity traveled by wars, genocides towards their own destruction without any sign of hope for renewal in a decadent future. They are lyrics that address themes related to man's battles with himself and his cruel nature, to the enslavement of the human being by the system he creates himself, with no way to get rid of the bonds that punish him as; religion, prejudice (whatever it may be) and the life of serving the power that governs the world.

Vultör releases his first demo on CD in May 2018 as the title: "The Hunt Continues", which goes back to the idea that the underground still lived with its members and that some time ago they no longer played in their old projects except Somalha which still keeps the Tragic Finale active.

Caçada Continua includes four songs, all recorded live. They are: "A Caçada Continua", "Tormento Nuclear", "Lemembranças Malditas" and "Gimme one more Drink".

The following year they release another demo on tape, "Lobos Na Noite" with two songs, one with the same title and "Ruas de Sangue", valuing, even more, the fast and rough riffs, opting once again for a live recording.

At the same time, Vultör presents a video clip, taking the song "Manicomio Infernal" (later in the Vultör EP) as a single. The video addresses the nightmare experienced by people plagued by the abyss of psychological illnesses and other victims of society for decades in a psychiatric hospital in Brazil, where endless atrocities were committed and thousands of people were murdered, becoming known as the "Brazilian Holocaust.

Later that year, 2019, the 7" vinyl EP, Vultör, is released along with several Brazilian stamps that accepted the challenge. In addition to "Manicômio Infernal," the album also features three more songs: "Vultör," "Visões do Fim," with apocalyptic lyrics in a future devastated by wars, and "Servos do Inferno," which closes the work again recorded live.

The band appreciates the simplicity of the compositions, taking into account the speed of Speed Metal, but with the cadence of D' Beat and Crust's beat, still taking into account the intensity of the songs with the fast and dirty guitar riffs and a counter bass that can fill the sound contemplating the bases of the music.

Murder Records presents the opening of another social mass grave after carefully removing the mortuary marbles from this human cemetery in order to feed the damned VULTÖR who starving observe this apocalyptic underworld with its impure visions of the end in the cursed dark nights filled with chaos and inhuman rottenness...

The hunt continues in this social slaughter in which the rotten human remains serve as food in this decaying society where we must be extremely attentive to the voracious howls of the "Wolves at Night" to start this psychological feast that will devour you voraciously in a merciless and socially atrocious way...

Vultör intends to voraciously devour the inhuman remains of this humanity that finds itself chained to its own torments of self-enslavement as human beings in a system created by itself and which here becomes a nefarious majedore of the rotten coffins opened here in order to feed the damned vultures of death with all the psychological rottenness of this socially sick human scum...

Paulo Máximo (Guitarra & Vocal)
Bruno Somalha (Bateria)
Eduardo Dutra (Baixo)