It is from the deepest bowels of South America I have the honor to present and talk to you a little more about the next band included on this project and called D.L.50 from Paraguay.

To contribute on this militia, the band D.L.50 present us a noise session where we can absorb the pure obscure symphonies from the Hardcore Punk rabid as should be done and played without shit or bullshits, here you will find only filthy aggressive noise from the end of the world and for that reason I can say that raw primitive intensity in the pure Hardcore Punk made in the third world exceeds all aspects in the civilized world full of shit and where the true essence does not exist or is replaced by an absurd attitude filled with arrogance and an absolute ignorance.

I suggest and I want to invite all readers of this project to enter in the morbid reality that D.L.50 will reveal to us with the answers of the drummer Jorge Funebre in the interview that follows and where we will talk a bit more about this interesting band.

S.N.M.: Why are you addicted to Noise Shit?
Jorge Funebre: SNM Fanzine greetings! Here answers from Asuncion Paraguay Jorge FUNEBRE Jourdan, drummer of the band Hardcore D.L.50. Going directly to the question: WHY IS EXCITING!!!! I took much of my life in this and no doubt the Underground gives us the opportunity to be ourselves, to intervene ourselves in what we do, take our lives into our own hands and move the existence accompanied by noise (from punk to Hardcore, Crust, Metal, Grindcore, Grindnoise, etc.), share and meet like-minded people fantastic and our ideas, learning from positive (and negative experiences also), forging our own criteria away from the filthy vertical structures of the mainstream, the ridiculous impositions of society and the system that sustains shit, which oppresses and demeans people reducing them to simple conformist slaves. Noise (in the underground shed it) gives voice to shout and allows us to get the sound of that cry everywhere, share it with like-minded people, create bonds of friendship, solidarity, and respect, breaking barriers and distances. It is not very important for me, for all that I follow and am getting more into the Underground and noise doubts.

S.N.M.: What and why got you into?
Jorge Funebre: Since I was a child I have always felt attracted to unconventional proposals considered noisy or chaotic transgressive. Stressed that in the time that I was taking an interest in music as a child of 9 or 10 years without any sound judgment formed and tried to record cassettes and curiosity was turning me interested in Metal. I think interesting to note the context in which it was developed because here were suffering the ill-fated longer military dictatorship in South America. It would be very extensive to describe all the shit that implied this living under the dictatorial regime that drowned the country in a pool of blood by implementing terror, torture and censorship that underwent Paraguay in a condition of "autoexcluida island" culturally, kidnapped and abstracted from what happened in the world during that period, with a fearful and functional conservative, conformist and servile framings the system population, where censorship, the veto and disapproval everything that question the reality or the dictatorial regime they were the answer to what is considered dangerous. To me it always cost me obey, settle or shut up, I was fascinated by all that considered "bad" and was always in trouble because coming from a typical working-class family in a poor neighborhood where everyone was busy surviving, I felt a misfit and insolent and soon finding the right people with whom I learned the basics of the Underground, although not had nearly materials and less information and all more or less ran from hand to hand, as clandestine and where the Metal Punk or were considered totally extreme, rebels and the population rejected them. The scene here began with the Metal and although it was tiny compared to what happened in Brazil or Argentina, fascinated me so much that in the early 90's and criteria formed I thought part of the underground scene, starting with the Metal then find my place in the HC / Punk (here there was rivalry between Headbangers and Punks). The Underground gave us the possibility to express ourselves through sound, clothing and activate an option chosen by ourselves, sustained by a scene and did not hesitate to get me more and more, encouraging me to undertake projects and fight for what I believe.

S.N.M.: What is your message and what does it mean to you?
Jorge Funebre: Honestly my band D.L.50 reflects a lot of what I am, as I approach life and my opinions about different aspects that make this dire reality in which we live. D.L.50 is an underground band out of conviction and develop a proposal which we call "HARDCORE DESDE EL TERCER MUNDO" where a lyrical theme is a social-realist approach that aims to expose the problems of the state of affairs, crisis and crude life environment within the third South American world and how we perceive things happening globally. We are committed to our proposal and it is honest, sincere and straightforward, so develop it involves a lot of sacrifice and persistence, which show how important it is for us what we do and how we do, always from the premise of the Underground. We do not tell anybody what to think or how you should live, but we threw up our opinions exposing our views in a direct way (which leaves no doubt that position takes the band), through a sound influenced by the old Hc / Punk '80s, Latin American and Scandinavian groups amalgamating noise with shades ranging from old metal or even the crust or Grindcore.

S.N.M.: What means for you, support and be supported?
Jorge Funebre: Personally I think the real support comes from the Underground, and only in the Underground remain genuine irreverence, the combative nature or essence of struggle, where people collaborate confident and motivated to contribute their "grain of sand", where everything gesture of solidarity is important and each is valuable is this diffusion, organization, acquiring some production or in solidarity, paying a team, exchanging or inviting friends to join this madness that is the passion for the underground noise, undertaking a project where I highlight fanzines whose contributions are vital to keeping the flame alive! I note it's great that anyone has the opportunity to undertake a project (with media count) and through him honestly provide support mobilized by passion and desire to activate. I myself several years ago I started my small label FUNEBRE RECORDS with intent to self-produce material from my band D.L.50 and support other bands and projects minded and cooperate in co-editions, broadcast and / or distribution of materials and even organizing some concerts or events related to the Underground, all in the best of my ability and desire to help and always support what I like, respect and find it interesting. On being supported, we have been fortunate that in all these years we have met fabulous people who give us their sincere friendship, respect and disseminates us, recommend us to other people and so have been edited, re-edited and distributed in several countries by honest dealings, speech and confidence. Some people have we considered even without knowing us and make us interviews or make revisions to our materials and in that sense can tell you that we are very fortunate and grateful to all those people who support us, even I confess that we have had more support from abroad here where we live and where not much happens...

S.N.M.: You want to reveal your upcoming noisy activities here?
Jorge Funebre: D.L.50 is currently with a new guitarist and looking for a bass player to complete the line-up, while we get the setlist to play live when they can and we are making new songs and we intend to record a couple of those this year and others will be finished next year. It is pending to publish a thematic compilation for the 20 years of the band following a series initiated by the 10 years (1999-2009) and this would cover the 2009-2019 period. There is also pending a rescued material entitled "Doomed to row against the tide" which could not be published in time a few years ago and we will publish it as soon as possible before they stagnate again. With FÚNEBRE RECORDS we will be working for a local edition of a tribute DIY material PUNK / HC of Venezuela. We are also seeing doing the cover art of the CD Split D.L.50 / AxExM (Argentina) material from which we get multiple copies of the CD-Pro factory reset without cover art. We are trying to make another batch of Tapes of Split D.L.50 / MURCIÉLAGOS “Ocaso en el tercer mundo”, the first batch of tapes already sold out and we have a lot of covers but have difficulty getting equipment for tape duplication, so we may have to see the possibility of the tapes abroad.

S.N.M.: How and where can we find or contact you to acquire and support your noisy activities?
Jorge Funebre: We invite everyone to visit the Blog from D.L.50 we try to update every month and there can learn about the projects and activities of the band, they can even download for free our productions, compilations, and fanzines where we have intervened. Feel free to spread the link of the blog among his friends and contacts. NO D.L.50 Facebook, Instagram, etc., but we use the e-mail or you can contact us by mail. Copies are available from our material with 11 tracks entitled “Valemos menos que sus balas” which is a CD-r published this year. Copies are also from the Split 7’’ EP D.L.50/AGATHOCLES “Vomitar sobre el sistema” recently released in July this year by KANASHIBARI RECORDS and can order it directly to the label. SNM Fanzine thank you very much for the interview, space, and consideration. Greetings to all who have taken the trouble to read this interview. Sincerely Jorge FUNEBRE Jourdan & D.L.50.


Jorge Jourdan
Salvador del Mundo #447 – c/Dr. Noguéz
CP:001524 – Campo grande - Asunción


Noise Session Nr. 17

"Valemos Menos Que Sus Balas"

(Furious Hardcore Raw Punk from Paraguay)

01 - Oscuro Pabellón
02 - Maldito Puntero Político
03 - Valemos Menos Que Sus Balas

These 3 tracks that make up this noise session were taken from the CD “VALEMOS MENOS QUE SUS BALAS” and released by FUNEBRE RECORDS at 09-01-2019 FR-020/2019. All the noises were written and composed by D.L.50 and recorded at Studios from LAS PALMERAS RECORDS in the way of rehearsal takes instrumentation and subsequent session vocals respectively. Production, editing, and sound by Rolando “ROLY” López. The line up on this noise session is BENJA M.: Vocals, JORGE “FUNEBRE” JOURDAN: Drums, SERGIO TORALES: Guitars and MARCELO MARECOS: Bass.
The actual line of D.L.50 are: BENJA M.: Voz/ JORGE “FUNEBRE” JOURDAN: Batería/ FABIÁN NÚÑEZ: Guitarra.


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