From the Helvetic most barbed cliffs that arise Insomnia Isterica a band that excuse any kind of presentations because their discography, as well as its nihilistic noise campaigns, are much more than a reference in grindcore movement over this nasty world...

We can define the noise session that these legendary maniacs prepared for this abnormal manifest as an ominous avalanche of morbid noises that allow us to agonize in constant spasms...

If you are properly prepared to face a nihilistic blizzard with echoes of abrasive noise on this climbing the Swiss cliffs, I suggest you to read the next interview made with my great friends Attila and Guildo, that can give you the map with all the coordinates because you may be lost in this insane journey of fucking noise...

S.N.M.: Why are you addicted to Noise Shit?
Attila: Don't really know why. Probably it is the never-ending research for the extreme started at an early age; the fastest, the heaviest, the slowest, the noisiest. I actually do care about music, i.e. melody and rhythm, and have always liked even classical music. However, noise transformed into music is probably what gives me the widest rainbow of emotions and, at the same time, the tools to cope with misanthropy, frustration and the need to destroy everything (including myself).
Giulio: I'm not really addicted to "Noise Shit", let's say I'm more into an aesthetic of dirtiness in every kind of form. I was always looking for something dirty and raw, from rock music to hardcore punk I would have chosen the most "rotten", but still groovy, sound. This led to my adoration of grindcore and noisecore genres.

S.N.M.: What and why got you into it?
Attila: At first, I followed the path with hard rock and metal music during middle school. Still no internet and sadly not many peers who were into the same stuff. It was trial and error, some flyers, and a lot of thanks lists and pictures on records. The band that definitely destroyed every musical concept I was taught to be "right" was Messiah. When I heard their first album everything changed and my focus was finally in the right direction. Then came all the other classic '8os stuff, especially Celtic Frost, Sodom, Kreator, etc. After that, DEATH METAL! The second important encounter was grindcore. Of course, listening to old school death metal puts you in one way or the other on the left grindhand path, but Napalm Death, Cripple Bastards and Agathocles (quite different sounds and attitudes) definitely changed it all for me once again. The research went on and when I thought I had reached the limits of music (e.g. noisecore), I discovered post-industrial music (general term to also include power electronics, harsh noise, etc.) and I started to go back once again. Discovering the pioneering works of '50s musique concrète, kosmische Musik, industrial music, the '80s with all its exciting experiments, the whole Japanoise mess, etc., I understood there were still boundaries to reach, and limits to be explored and smashed.
Giulio: From my side, I wasn't really into metal stuff, in fact, the band that turned me on (or off, depends on povs) was Cripple Bastards with the song "Nazi Dad", found on the Best Crimes (1996) compilation. The song starts with a classical punk-rock mid-tempo, but with the angriest vocals I'd ever heard at the time, then go faster with a more punk hardcore sustained rhythm and at the middle all this stops to introduce the first blast beat I'd ever heard (maybe not, but the one that turned my nipple hard perhaps). The short rest of the song features another classical punk moment and finishes with a classical brutal blast beat. That was the song and the band that made me form my first fast and dirty band called Clithorrids.

S.N.M.: What is your message and what does it mean to you?
Attila: We've always been about misanthropy, chronicling human failures, biased morality, and spitting hate and frustration out. I think that most people haven't really understood what we are about and stop at the alcoholic and ironic side of things (still obviously important nonetheless). What does it mean to me? It's part of my life. I've been playing in bands since I was 16 so I don't really know what it means not to play noisy music and release some steam.
Giulio: Various are the messages, go read our lyrics, use google translator, you will discover them. To me, it's like putting myself in the right space where I belong, unleash the monsters of mankind's behavior and its absurd meaning for existence and share all this in a chaotic whirlwind of self-destruction. Or something like that.

S.N.M.: What means for you, support and be supported?
Attila: Sadly, support mainly seems to be likes or hits on social networks. The only way to support each other is to buy and/or trade records and not just merchandise to gain scene points. Healthy human interactions are also key and still give me hope about selected human beings.
Giulio: To be honest lately I've lost a huge space in the brain for the meaning of the word "support". The Internet, in general, has modified and changed the way of supporting each other and most important above all the way to interact with other people. Now it's all a matter of portraying the other one, not really experiencing him. I still can find true support from other bands and random honest drunks and I enjoy myself supporting (drinking) other bands at a show though.

S.N.M.: You want to reveal your upcoming noisy activities here?
Attila: We've become slower than before because of life and adult obligations but we are still producing stuff. Upcoming releases: 4-way split tape with other Swiss bands and various material for a split LP and one or two split 7"s. We'll see...
Giulio: Riffs, blast beats, change diapers, curse the world.

S.N.M.: How and where can we find or contact you to acquire and support your noisy activities?
Attila: Just write us an e-mail at Use the power of the internet to find our stuff on Bandcamp, etc. Thanks a lot for your militant activities and for keeping noisy music terrifying and dangerous.
Giulio: On the 21st of December 2021 at 21:12 you can send me a love letter on Facebook (Huere Giulio) and you will get a free copy of whatever release you want. Thanks for the supper! I really appreciate it. s to Danihell for taking care of such a noisy and nasty project and to all the noise maniacs and grave diggers that keep on supporting our alcoholic and nihilistic endeavors.



Noise Session Nr. 15

"La Disciplina Del Morire Da Soli"

Insane minced Grindcore from Switzerland


-Il Fafo è incinta, poveri noi!
-Troie col culo degli altri
-Finire il tabacco alle 2
-Pannolini sporchi
-Lame in gola, esercizio democratico
-Sparare sentenze, nessun argomento


-Bravi a fare i punk giustizieri da tastiera


-Svastiche rosa pink, falci e martelli arrugginiti
-Carla Norgauer
-A cazzi in gola conta i chilometri
-Sborrare morte su ovuli infertili
-Sopportare rottami ambulanti
-La Raveglia è l’unica Cosa valida per cui pagare il canone
-Impasticcati da stronzate da copertina
-La disciplina del morire da soli
-Sei triste come la birra calda
-Continui a non servire a niente
-A t’ho visct a l’asilo iér matin
-Strafatti di psicofarmaci imponete civiltà e buoncostume
-Il divertirsi è sopravvalutato
-Imponete etica e morale, nessuna sostanza per sostenerle (hahaha!)
-Solo fighe cromate e cazzi in leasing
-Spero venga l’inverno

-Umanità: condizioni derivate da bestie lasciate sole
-Fighe storte e cazzi pompati di collanine e risvoltini

Insomnia Isterica:
Attila Folklor: barrels, kitchenware and coughing
Huere Giulio: nuclear cacophonies and jodeling
GG Mirko: bowels strangulation and bird watching

Noise recorded on 14.06.19 on a 4-track // Vomits and farts recorded on 29.06.19 // Avegno, Switzerland.
Mixed and mastered in July 2019 by Attila Folklor under mild intoxication.

Many thanks to Danihell for taking care of such a noisy and nasty project and to all the noise maniacs and grave diggers that keep on supporting our alcoholic and nihilistic endeavours.


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