Now I'll pretend to speak about MORTE LENTA a Noisecore band from Brazil, loved for many noise followers and hatred for many more and formed in 2012.

This band had already many different line-ups since the first days of existence, and played or recorded in different styles and influences per line-up but always keeping the same attitude what is the true essence and defines this band.

The ideological problems and the need of some humans to reach a status here simply does not exist and therefore we can not define this band as punk or metal, this is what is and that's it and hatred continues against capitalism, politics and all that involve people.

We can also describe the noisy process MORTE LENTA in three stages, the first being more towards the music decay and inspired by bands like Anal Cunt, Onany Boys, Deche-Charge and many more, the second stage was inspired by a band also present on this project and called New York Against The Belzebu and the current is the third stage of band can be described as a fusion influenced by Finnish and Brazilian bands like Noise Waste, A.N.H., G.O.P., Anti Timpanos, Sonic Radioactive, and many more obscure bands.

Nowadays MORTE LENTA is only two creatures, João Felipe on bass & vocals and Capitão Fezes on drums and this band pretend nothing just make and play a loudly rude hateful noisecore anti-propaganda...



Noise Session Nr. 20

“Boicota Mais Que Tá Pouco”

Anti Propaganda Noise List:
01 - Foda-se A Polícia Punk
02 – Anarcofascistas
03 – Pau No Cu Da Banda Não Tem Cão Que Aguente
04 - Aprendi A Usar Lubrificante Com O Carlos Henrique
05 – Ditadores
06 - Agressores Também Amam (Mas Não Aguentam Bala)
07 – Pós-modernismo
08 - Cadáver Da Família Tradicional
09 - Feliciano Arrombado
10 - Foda-se Good Vibes
11 - Ode A Cachaça Caranguejo
12 - Ode A Cachaça Corrote
13 - Ode A Cachaça Ypióca

All the tracks used on this Noise Session were taken from a 3way split tape EP "Noisecore, Drogas Pesadas e Clubismo" with Junkie Warrior and Porreria.


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