It is simply impressive and admirable to be able to have the support and cooperation of one of the most respected projects in the art of D.I.Y and even more honored I feel when I know that there are the interest and commitment of my great friend Kurdi Dávid in being able to do for himself one special edition from this project that will be released by Posthuman Productions in Hungary, allowing to give their contribution to the meaning of the true essence from this project with the intuition of supporting and being supported but much more important with the attitude of D.I.Y. and just be part of this militia without expecting anything from anyone, so stay tuned and don't forget to check as well as to support all the projects and activities made by Posthuman Productions and where you can find real meaning about the entire passion with full dedication given to the real Undergrind during all these years...

If we want to have the ability to understand what it really means to be proud to create something and to do things for ourselves simply to be able to express an opinion, a protest or just the need to extract what we have within ourselves without commitment to please anyone only with the obligation to be rigorous and demanding with ourselves and that's what you can find in the projects and works that Kudri Dávid presents to us in a very proper way and that's what you can discover in the following interview with the head of Posthuman Productions.

 S.N.M.: D.I.Y. means something for you? Why?

Dávid: For me, the idea of Do it Yourself is more than managing my underground activities, ok I know that underground punk and metal as nonconformist scenes are proud of the non-profit DIY attitude, but it’s important for me besides zine-making and music. As for myself, I’m not a „boss” or „team player” kind of person, I like to finish my daily tasks on my own without help… I don’t know what the reason to do so is but it’s easier for me to just do the actual thing and finish it. Don’t like to ask for help, or tell others to do instead of me, it makes me tired if I need to explain the processes to someone. Though I’m working in an office at the moment, and I’m a shift leader, hahaha so this kind of attitude is a disadvantage under such circumstances. Maybe another reason that I’m a bit introvert. So, in my everyday life DIY is a basic organizing idea. At the same time, my underground activities are determined by this which is evident: underground was always something against profit, against commerce,- but if you want to exclude companies, public attention you must organize your activities in alternative ways simply because you don’t have a choice. And this alternative way is DIY. This is the practical reason, the sentimental is releasing human energies in a selfishness way, and support the collective.

S.N.M.: Why are you dealer dedicated to nasty noise shit?

Dávid: I have to admit that I’m dedicated not only for “nasty noise shit”. I have popular fanzines, like my latest Number Fever which is professional, fancy work. This has nothing to do with the dirty design appears in, for example, Posthuman zines, but it’s more an artist approach of the term “fanzine”. Anyway, you are right that my main, well-known works are grind fanzines and self-released grindcore tapes; why am I orientated to these genres? These are the bands I like, that’s all… If I would like dubstep I would start my own dubstep zine…

S.N.M.: What and why got you into?

Dávid: You mean, “into” this underground world? It was a local concert series called Extreme Noise Fest when I was around 19. It still functions once a year. But in the town (village?) I used to live back then there weren’t UG concerts at all, and this fest showed me that there’s a much more appreciated “unseen” scene with better bands, better attitude than the mainstream. And this world kinda swallowed me up, and I started to buy vinyl records, established my own fanzines, and so…

S.N.M.: What means for you, support and be supported?

Dávid: It can mean different things: buying my products is support either in a financial or in an admitting way. Or if somebody makes an interview with me or uses my flyer on a website or zine; all in all, if somebody spreads the word of my shits it’s support as well. This interview is great support, I love fanzines and always a pleasure to answer questions, it fulfills my narcissistic needs, so thank you for it, hahaha! And there’s a third kind of support which is a “spiritual” or sentimental support, last time I experienced it in the Ukmukfukk fanzine festival. You have to know that this fest was held for “artists” not UG zinesters, so I was the only one who had black & white ugly publications, the rest of the exhibitors had fancy commix or weird, colorful art stuff. So, I was the exception, and a lot of guys told me that this is cool, they love my zines, cool to see me in that mainstream event even my stuff are far way different… I got a lot of positive feedbacks, and this helps me to keep on working. My girlfriend always tells nice words about my actual shits. All in all, I consider this as support but more in an indirect way.

S.N.M.: You want to reveal your upcoming noisy activities here?

Dávid: Aaaaah the worst timing for this question because I don’t know what the future keeps for me in its pocket… In the Summer of 2019, I plan to leave the stinky city of Budapest forever, I want to buy a little farm with animals in the countryside somewhere in the North-East region of Hungary. This radical change of my lifestyle surely will consume my financial, physical and mental energies, you know, fix the house I buy, a new job I need to get. So I would say I don’t want to say anything, hahaha because I don’t know... For sure I need to have a little pause because I must prioritize the existential establishment of my new life, and then, let’s see.

S.N.M.: How and where can we contact you to acquire and support your noisy activities?

Dávid: Oh yes, the last question is always the same, hahaha I also end my interviews with this one. Feel free to visit my online platforms

(official Posthuman Productions website)

(FB page with up-to-date info, news)

(Hungarian translations of Ted Kaczinsky)

Or write me a mail at and facebook. For snail mail address use this: Kudri Dávid, Gr. Apponyi Albert 26, 3910-Tokaj, Hungary. This is my hometown address, keep your fingers crossed so I can find my own house soon!