Now I would like to talk a little more about a project that is already about eighteen years old, although in practice it was only revealed on the day of the lies more properly at 1 April of 2019 with a deep insane desire to be able to extract this simple philosophy of know-how to protest in a true way and that transports us to a reality without great fantasies because with VÄÄTTUMÄNUKKU you can only find an attitude full of protests and where you can find the purest essence from the Old School DIY Grindcore Raw and Corrosive Punk... Are you ready to suffer and die?

Direct and straight is how VÄÄTTUMÄNUKKU presents us its most infamous noise sessions where the protest is quite explicit, without winding much what should be said or done so do not expect to find here another band that only speak, just want to lick asses to play live and walk up there full of nothing because in fact they don't say anything on the way and if by chance it's that kind of bands you're looking for, I suggest you give up, because it's not here that you're going to find them that kind of scum nor that kind of attitude! Here you will not find poisonous kisses, no hypocrites hugs where you end up with a stab in the back and this is not talking from the mouth out, but rather the raw and harsh reality of what you can find in the protests, the attitude and the philosophy of VÄÄTTUMÄNUKKU without any kind of remorses...

When the temperament is fucked with very limited patience or even non-existent to socialize or even live with other creatures makes VÄÄTTUMÄNUKKU a project only from one member until some soul is willing to contribute in this world Rotten where only a few can survive...

Now let's talk a little bit with Que Lebre?! And read a little bit more about what he has to tell us about VÄÄTTUMÄNUKKU.

S.N.M.: Why are you addicted to Noise Shit?
Que Lebre?!: It's ... the same answer from Porräloka

S.N.M.: What and why got you into?
Que Lebre?!: I believe it can be said in this way: "It was not I who chose Noise, it was Noise who chose me"

S.N.M.: What is your message and what does it means to you?
Que Lebre?!: Personal protest ... to me it represents a kind of therapy where I have the freedom to discharge my anger and I try to do it in the most creative way possible

S.N.M.: What means for you, support and be supported?
Que Lebre?!: Means when the Underground is interpreted as an analogy to an old caduceus needing crutches

S.N.M.: You want to reveal your upcoming noisy activities here?
Que Lebre?!: I have zillions of things in the planning stage ... ideas do not lack me, just the patience.

S.N.M.: How and where can we find or contact you to acquire and support your noisy activities?
Que Lebre?!: Just contact me via e-mail or check the band webshit below...




Noise Session Nr. 08


(Violent Noisecore Raw Punk from Brazil)

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1 – Xs Manifestantes Precisam Parar Com Essa Mania De Ficar Dando Cabeçada Nos Cassetetes Da Polícia Militar E Obstruindo A Passagem Das Balas De Borracha.
2 – Mostre Para O Mundo O Quão Insensivel É A Personalidade De Vossa Senhoria Ao Fazer Anedotas Infames Com A Morte Repentina De Um Semelhante.
3 – Nem A Ignorância Estúpida Pra Lá De Escrota Dos Que Se Auto-Proclamam De Direita, Nem A Hipocrisia Demagoga Pseudo-Revolucionária Esquerdista.
4 – Loucura Mesmo Seria Internar Um Ente Querido No Manicômio De Barbacena (Holocausto Brasileiro).

Noise Session record by Que Lebre?! in 26/05/2019 at Nem Tudo São Flores "sto0diy0" Carakas city - Z/O - $P – Brazil.


Sordid Noisecore Militia Fanzine & Compilation Vol.1

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