The Biodispersible Social Minimalism...

This damned Anonimuus Creature that I possess inside me and that began to unfold in the winter of 2017 through abrupts abstract noisy and that simply allows me to extract from the bowels the whole shit that consumes me in a very un presiding way where I can Achieving a full state of corrosion chaotic of my being as a simple hermit with a philosophy of social minimalism.

When I let myself be consumed by all the abrupt additions that simply devour me voraciously without asking for permission or consent, but only with the need to keep me insensible with whatever it is.

I become a slave to myself without any feeling of guilt, because it is where I allow myself to reach the constant despise that turns into a repudiation of my rotting decadent existence as a human creature.

It is something that allows me to express the willingness to face and speak with my most atrocious side in a philosophic way and where the death is always present as a listener of the darkest outfall from the depths of my insignificant existence.

When the most intimate meaning of noise reveals itself within my miserable existence, allowing my insignificant creature to be voraciously consumed by my damned addictions in an atrocious way.

All the creatures possess within themselves noises that need to be extracted and properly reproduced, so I can comprehend myself in its fullness, the noise produced by my creature allows me to do a deep self-criticism of myself and where I obtain the decoding of what I possess within me so as to be able to extract all the painful decadent feelings of full hatred that consume me slowly.

The message in the noises of Anonimuus Creature conveys an intimate relationship that transforms abstract life into a transparent death and where my catatonic existence transforms into nothing or anyone, only the noise made by my obscure existence remain forever eternal as well as all my impure and morbid hatred to the human creatures.

I merely intend to say that my upcoming activities will remain properly buried deeply in the subconscious of my creature during the necessary period so that all the emptiness of my existence is filled with the hatred that consumes me.

Anonimmus Creature is something you must search within yourself, something that will allow you to perform a profound reflection on the meaning of the usefulness of our own existence.


“When My Morbid Torments Are Speaking Deeply with My Death”
Cassette with a limited edition of 50 copies hand numbered
This obscure murmuring funeral path reflects ANONIMUUS CREATURE cursed and morbid existence in a journey haunted by suffering, pain and torture and that will take me to the limits of my suicide with the portrait of failure, the misery of misfortune and my anguish to live...
© - 2018 Murder Records

Split Cassette Limited edition of 50 copies hand numbered
Your worst nightmare has returned in the shape of two unglorious and monstrous tracks from the Anonimouus Creature entity. Expect nothing more nothing less than deformed and grotesque summonings that will haunt you far beyond your imagination. Insolência stands for free lunatic noise experimental ambient stargazer on drugs to try to achieve your inner peace and meditate to this!!!
© - 2018 Murder Records

"Paranormal Nihilist Philosophy"
Limited edition of 500 copies in CD hand numbered
Limited edition of 100 copies in Cassette hand numbered
To find mans true nature you have to dive into your personal abyss.
In other words that's the work of ANONIMUUS CREATURE in this dimension.
A simple self shattered reflection into the mirror and the well of souls is opened through the dark passages of the mind.
In "Paranormal Nihilist Philosophy" you can scream whatever you want, you can reap your flesh from the bones, you can cry as much as you desire, you can suffer endless torments but at the end, the illusion of death will bring back to life!
© - 2019 Murder Records | Destruktomuzik

"Abysmal Mazes"
Split Cassette limited edition of 50 Cassettes
Submerged in the murky waters of abysmal depths emerges an essence which allows creation turn into destruction, without permits, to question their motives that lead the morbid creatures within the dark labyrinths of a remote existence inexplicable...
© - 2018 Murder Records

"Grotesque And Demented Creature"
Demo Cassette limited edition of 100 Cassettes hand numbered
The madness of suicide is a pain that inevitably allows us to have the ability to reject the grotesque creature who we are and the wisdom to disregard all the demented creatures who wander in solitude as ravenous spirits in a world full of hate and greasy a grudge...
© - 2018 Murder Records

"Consumed By My Addiction..."
Noise session specially made to use on the Sordid Noisecore Militia Compilation Vol.I



Noise Session Nr. 01

"Consumed By My Addiction..."
(Catatonic Obscure Funeral Harsh with Suicidal Morbid Noises From Hell!!!)

01 - Consumed By My Addiction...

All the noises record by Anonimuus Creature in the Abrupt Forest Studios in Holland at 13 May of 2019.


Sordid Noisecore Militia Fanzine & Compilation Vol.1

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