From the Siberian depths, I have the honor to present to you the blizzard of Noisecore coming from Barnaul in Russia, although they exist since 2015 are practically unknown to the creatures from Russia and is better they continue like that without any social contacts to avoid human affections.

These mental retards already have some interesting releases including splits made with several noisy bands and also several live shows only in Russian cities where hatred for the other bands and all the people who surround them is what you can expect from them, just a constant syndrome filled with suicidal tendencies and nasty stupidity only to make you suffer and die.

The abuse of high amounts of alcohol and other stimulating drugs allow the noise of these dement bastards to sound even more putrid and this is why all the listeners and followers of this nasty duo have severe psychic anomalies and down syndromes...

For this compilation, our friends SxSxCxBx have prepared a session of frenetic noisecore with thirty very cohesive songs and where pure insanity becomes absolute just to destroy your sense and morality.

To all the followers and interested in noisy shit I recommend you to read the interview with our noise brothers Shithead Onanist and Meatball Masturbator, where you can find more information about SxSxCxBx and give your support to this beautiful piece of shit from Russia.

S.N.M.: Why are you addicted to Noise Shit?
SxSxCxBx: We listened to a lot of rock and metal bands, but their songs are never been enough hard. Only noise and noisecore could satisfy our thirst for musical violence.

S.N.M.: What and why got you into?
SxSxCxBx: I think it all started with Anal Cunt. This is the first grindcore/noisecore band, the tracks of which really shocked us and we wanted to repeat them. Also, we are very inspired by groups like 7MON, Final Exit, Agathocles, Sete Star Sept, Deep Fried Embryo, Pissdeads, and many others.

S.N.M.: What is your message and what does it mean to you?
SxSxCxBx: Our message is to make people less depressed, to have the fun with their friends, and not get involved in politics, war, hatred of each other and shit like that. Please enjoy your youth and your homemade noisecore.

S.N.M.: What means for you, support and be supported?
SxSxCxBx: Support for us is when there are friends who can help in case of problems, in a fight and support our crazy ideas.

S.N.M.: You want to reveal your upcoming noisy activities here?
SxSxCxBx: At the moment we are recording a lot of splits, most of which are still not implemented. We'd like to do more gigs, but we're either busy or we're not invited.
Stay the same bastard fans of noise, make splits with foreigners and do not forget about your loved ones.

S.N.M.: How and where can we find or contact you to acquire and support your noisy activities?
SxSxCxBx: Our mail for proposals, splits, and other shits...



Noise Session Nr. 12

“30 Tracks”

(Frenetic Noisecore Syndromes from Russia)

01. The Doctor Said: "Morgue"
02. Vyacheslav Datsik
03. Cockroaches In My Tea
04. Surstromming For A Romantic Dinner
05. Pool Of Urine
06. Russian Pharmacy Cowboy
07. Barnaul Velvet Beer
08. Nurrahman Mamyrov
09. Vitiligo
10. Deaf And Dumb Taxi Driver
11. Raging Debility
12. You Stupid Bitch
13. Freegans
14. Tears Of Allah
15. Endless Shit
16. Fully Fucked Up
17. Tattered Cock
18. Raft (Yuri Loza Cover)
19. Don't Shit Yourself!
20. I Wish You The Kingdom of Heaven
21. Vegans
22. Native Factory
23. Dwarf Mormons
24. Cunt In The Throat
25. Mouth
26. Biba And Boba - Two Assholes
27. Monkey Pee
28. Power pop song #3
29. Power pop song #2
30. Power pop song #1

All the songs for this noise session were recorded in 2017-2019 by the perverted Shithead Onanist on vocals, guitar, bass and the bizarre Meatball Masturbator on drums.


Sordid Noisecore Militia Fanzine & Compilation Vol.1

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