Back Alley Lobotomy are from left to right:

Gonçalo Marques - Drums
Bruno Esteves - Gutars
Pedro Pereira - Vocals

Back Alley Lobotomy is a grindcore/mincecore band from Porto (Gaia/Maia).

This project started out in july of 2015 and in the beggining there were 4 members: Pedro Pereira (vocalist), Bruno Esteves (guitarrist), Gonçalo Marques (drummer) and João Forte(bassist) but due to some disagreements with the bassist regarding the band's path, it ended up being a 3-piece band.

Throughout the summer, the group made the songs present in the demo and in October the same ones were recorded. 

They started out just by releasing 2 songs as a promo and later, in january of 2016, they released "Crack in Lapa".

In November, Back Alley Lobotomy did their first gig in Guimarães with the spanish thrash metal band, Blast off and with one of the most respected grind bands in Portugal, Gorgasmico Pornoblastoma.


BACK ALLEY LOBOTOMY promo grinding songs