Disfigured Human Mind emerged in October 1998, after some of the buried corpses in the Beira Baixa Cadaverous Cemetery, have begun to remove the marble of their graves and slowly start moving their own carcasses and that would be attracted by the necrophiliacs putrid odors, from the morgue Graveyard Studios situated in the cadaverous region of Beira Baixa in Portugal.


In April 1999 were recorded extemporaneously the first 10 bizarre dying murmurs of Disfigured Human Mind for the first promo "Kill The Famelas" and this audio gangrene on cassette format was released by Murder Records and distributed by Luci Dist. Productions.


With the entry of new corpses in the mortuary records at the morgue of Beira Baixa, spreads a new congenital decomposition of Disfigured Human Mind and in November 2000 were recorded more 60 translucíd convulsions of improvisation for the second release and first album "Deadly Fragments", this horrendous human decay was released on cassette format by Murder Records and distributed by Luci Dist. Productions.


With the cadaverous decay, Disfigured Human Mind feel the need to return to the Cadaverous Cemetery of Beira Baixa, so they can rest their rotting carcasses in their respective graves.


After a few years of mortuary rest, the marble of the grave is once again removed and in October 2015 Cadaver Panafernálicus opens again the marble of the grave and start moving again the putrid carcass together with new corpses from the morgue, Cadaver Efermus and Cadaver Paraliticus are the selected dead bodies to join Disfigured Human Mind and in December 2015 were record more 9 aberrations atomically improvised for the demo “Atomic Aberration”. This audio aberration was released in May 2016 on cassette format by Murder Records and distributed by HELLDPROD.


In July 2016 Disfigured Human Mind also included a putrid pieace of stange noises in the compilation HELLSTORE Brasil Vol. 1 released by Genocidio Records in and Distributed by HELLSTORE Brasil in Brazil.


Around April of 2016 Disfigured Human Mind decided prepare one infernal noise attack to play live for the first time in the Degredo Metal Fest at 27 August 2016 in Portugal. In the process of transladation Disfigured Human Mind visit also the NecruM Studios in Portugal to record the 14 audio abortions to use on the split called “Somos Apenas Ratos do Esgoto” with the Brazilian old school grinders Stomachal Corrosion, this piece of harsh anti human musical garbage contains 26 tracks with a higher level of decadece and this piece of violece was released in 15 November 2016 by Murder Records and distributed by HELLDPROD and by Hellstore Brasil in Brazil.


Disfigured Human Mind is preparing more infernal torments for the human brains and the upcoming Improvised Necro Noises of Violent Grindcore in decomposition process are in slowly and rotten progress:


Infernal Noise Polution” cassette limited to 100 copies will be the official re-edition in America for our first promo “Kill The Femelas” with some extra necrotic and perverted improvisations for this special edition release by Viceral Vomit Records and distributed by Hellstore Costa Rica in Costa Rica and HELLDPROD Murder Records in Europe.


Abominações Cadavéricas no Degredo” will be a live tape with the 22 translucid infernal attacks record on the Degredo Metal Fest and this natural human catastrophe will be released by Murder Records and distributed by HELLDPROD.


Disfigured Human Mind is also preparing the autopsy for the second album with the must disgusting infernal noises from the morgue and the putrid results for this macabre cirurgery will be released by Murder Records and distributed by HELLDPROD.


When you think about it really well Grindcore was meant to revolve your guts to express your frustrations and to exorcise your anger. Disfigured Human Mind does it all based on the traditional formulas going straight to your heart shredding it to tiny pieces and severing your ears deeply. No fashions, no trends, just Improvised Necto Noise Violent Grindcore to rip your body apart!

Official Teaser

HMR069 - DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND "Atomic Aberration" Demo Tape'2016 OUT NOW

Official Promo Song

DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND "Atomik Attack" Promo Song

DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND live in 27 Aug. 2017 at Degredo Metalfest in Portugal.