Now let's talk a little more about a recent act of the effect from Drenagem that was initiated in January 2019 with the aim of drying a rather moist noise where a touch of rehearsal on what is intended to confess in an infamous period of its own history.

This recent noise mess has already released two split and a demo where we can receive a mental drainage represented in the zombified dirties of the chaotic symphonies where we will be able to receive some updates regarding the upcoming applications for your mental Andriod as well as all the components to continue to keep you alienated to a virtual world where reality comes down to an emptiness controller that dominates you.

These two young drainages of wet ideas have been involved with moist thoughts in a context full of corrosive sarcasm when everything around them becomes an excuse to be able to invoke the nuisance and social violence being that the reason they walk around here and there just to make disturbing noise.

The noise contribution of Drenagem to this project presents a noise mobile with a “plim” to inform you that you have just received a notification of shit full of noise that pretend to infect this new generation addicted of Android with its apps that only serve to obligate you a socialize virtually and where your world is into an electronic device where you think you can find or have everything and not realize that the only thing you win or have is your life controlled and where you just allow yourself to socialize, whether you want it or not.

In the following interview, we will find the sulfuric manifests of my great friend Cedric and where all interested can find more information about the upcoming drainage.

S.N.M.: Why are you addicted to Noise Shit?
Céd: 'Cause I like filthy fast stuff.

S.N.M.: What and why got you into?
Céd: I got into noisecore when I listen to the first time to the album "Everybody Should Be Killed" from Anal Cunt, the minute that I listen to those guitars, blast beats and harsh sounding all around it I got eminently passionate for it.

S.N.M.: What is your message and what does it mean to you?
Céd: Our message is simple... Stop going after others thoughts or perspectives and start thinking for your fucking self! You don't need to be the same as everybody neither have the same opinion. Life as more meaning than being a system puppet.

S.N.M.: What means for you, support and be supported?
Céd: Helping each other out, cooperate. There's no receiving without giving, have the initiative to do something not expecting something in return.

S.N.M.: You want to reveal your upcoming noisy activities here?
Céd: Upcoming splits with KAK from Belgium and partners in crime Aishcrolatry.

S.N.M.: How and where can we find or contact you to acquire and support your noisy activities?
Céd: You contact the band via Bandcamp or email. Thanks for the support bro!



Noise Session Nr. 11

“Deixa Arder...”
(Raw Noisecore Manifest from Portugal)

This Android dirty Noise session was recorded in March of 2019 in the city of Porto, Portugal.


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