29. Mar, 2021


"Inner Demons"

"We are at a time where psychologically we need to put
ourselves in a position where we turn the negative into
positive. The drained-away insanity due to hatred should
be channeled and directed to what matters!
This new BTN demo represents the filtering of the shit
that is fed to us on a daily basis. Nobody is anyone to
decide what you are."

Limited edition to 30 copies hand-numbered

BTN - Inner Demons Noise Session

Marcelo - Vox
Fábio - Bass / Vox
Céd - Lixo

Free listen at:

29. Mar, 2021


"Here comes another dark, raw, and filthy demo!
A séance to encounter the ancient ones. You will feel like you're roaming in the mountains.

In Isolation one knows itself.


I. Sneachda
II. Caisteal Dubh
III. Dad
IV. Fear Taibhse
V. Gabh Fois
VI. Whispering Breeze (Ildjarn cover)


29. Mar, 2021

Em 10/04/2021, acontece a décima oitava edição do programa Esgoto Bastardo, na Radio SP 160.

Programa Especial tocando sons da banda Blasthrash de São Paulo / SP
Reprises programadas:
Domingo 11/04/2021 as 15h
Quarta-feira 14/04/2021 as 23h:30min

Esgoto Bastardo rola aos sábados a partir das 15h, tocando meia hora de sons selvagens extraídos das entranhas sujas do subterrâneo e tem reprise aos domingos no mesmo horário.

Para escutar o programa você pode baixar o app pelo link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.onlineradioapps.sp160  ou direto no site:https://radiosp160.com
Instagram do Programa: https://www.instagram.com/programaesgotobastardo
Instagram da Rádio SP 160 https://www.instagram.com/radiosp160/

29. Mar, 2021
29. Mar, 2021
A DOENÇA Podcast just presents more sonic garbage!
In this edition #5 of the Podcast we'll have:

Drainage (Portugal)
Death To All Politician (Malaysia)
Old Abuser (Brazil)
Pissed Cunts (Czech Republic)
Cunts (Japan)
Permanent Death (Belgium)

Total aural destruction!