5. Jul, 2022

HELLDPROD RECORDS Proudly Announces:

HELLDPROD RECORDS sets July 20th as the international release date for THRASHERA's highly anticipated fourth album, Bastardos da Noite, on CD format.
Eighties Thrashing Metal 
Two years after “Não Gosto” stormed all worldwide headbangers, the old-school moshing hordes of THRASHERA are back with “Bastardos da Noite”. Be sure the pit will continue boiling since metal’s here stands for melting your face!
When we talk about THRASHERA you must reckon these guys don’t have anything to hide concerning their musical career. Their approach isn’t new, but their roots make it fresh and relevant. We could even state, in this case, that the old becomes new. Also, it’s important to acquire that the Brazilian inheritance concerning extreme and underground history still has a real impact on the actual scene since bands such as SepulturaDorsal AtlânticaChakal, and Vulcano are part of the genetic quality we find in other new musical strains as, for instance, THRASHERA.
The new album “Bastardos da Noite” is a great follow-up to “Não Gosto” because while the band maintains their urban metal preaching and social awareness very much in your face, like A Clockwork Orange, they manage to boost the value of their songs with a lot more aggressiveness and catchiness. Every single one of these 9 tracks functions like a real eye-opener to perceive hell on earth and, as you know, there’s nothing mainstream in those domains. As always, they are fully sung in Brazilian, but who cares this is bondless music.
Overall, THRASHERA represents the age of golden Metal, and no one is tired of that, it’s memorable, it's vicious, it’s alive, it’s glorious, and serves the purpose to bang your head, drinking your beer, and raising your horned fist. Since they make a hell of a job honoring all of that, “Bastardos da Noite” will surely take you into a time-traveling banging mania dimension. Again!

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THRASHERA's Bastardos da Noite Tracklist:
1. Distópica Marcha Bastarda (Intro) [03:18]
2. Bastardos da Noite [03:29]
3. O Filho de Sete Cabeças [03:25]
4. Partidário ao Metal [05:45]
5. A Dona da Noite de Metal [04:32]
6. Desgraça e Terror! [04:25]
7. Noite Obscena [04:35]
8. A Viúva do Capeta (Feat. David Sampaio) [04:06]
9. Bandeira Negra [04:18]

Cat Nº #: HDP094
Format: Jewel Case CD
LTD 300 copies
Genre: Thrash Metal

Cover art: Emerson Maia
Artwork: Victor Costa / HelldProd Records
Photos: Marcelo Catacci
Photomontage: Alexandre Chakal

Recorded, mixed, and mastered between January and February 2022 at No Limits studio – Arujá – São Paulo – Brazil.

Recording, mixing, mastering, and production by Ivi Kardec.

*Song 'Partido ao Metal' – Solo by K Necrophaghoul.
*Song 'A widow of the devil' – David Sampaio (Beyond The Grave)

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