6. Aug, 2021

ENFERMO DISTRO Proudly Presents:

EDP033 / DIY030

SCATTERBRAINIAC "Scatter The Brains!!"

10 angry, motor fueled tracks of pure punk rock! Speacial co-release with Destroy It Yourself.

Cassette release limited to 50 hand numbered pieces.

Punk Fucking Rock CUNT!

1. Gas Station Blues
2. Rock n' Roll Testimony
3. Fuck Off Death!
4. Surf Song in D-Beat Minor
5. I Know You're Stupid
6. MIA
7. Stomachal Corrosion
8. Easy Peasy
9. Big Talk, Small Man
10. The Bomb (L7 cover)

All instruments by Esteves.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Esteves with a little help of Kikas.
Artwork made by João Martins Moca and assembled by Pedro Pereira.

Listen at: www.enfermodistro.bandcamp.com