29. Jul, 2021

HELLDPROD RECORDS is proud to present:


Do you want to know the best combination to play unlawful and rioting heavy metal?
We have the answer for you right here right now. Just gather coal and steel along with maniacal riffing and whirlwind headbanging!

What will you get?
A steaming dose of boozer speed, thrash, and black metal attack by the name of BLACK HOSTS. This maniac quartet hails from Silesia, Poland, and they give you a magnificent overview of what’re the main reasons behind the steel scriptures. Alcoholic fun, raising hell and hammering the horned fists against the foyers of heaven!

With 2 demos and a full length titled "Times of Eternal Torture" these guys aim the old school philosophy like very few, within their pears, can do. Especially when you hear their new Ep, "Onward into the Abyss". One word to describe it. Fire!

These 3 new songs are incredible, they unleash Chaos and Sulphur as their intensity bend your neck until unrest along with classical vibes that will make you gaze into the past and remember why bands such as Kreator, Nifelheim, Slayer, Whiplash and Metal Church are praised beyond time. But along with their musicianship comes a restless and freaking insane vocalization that adds the slaughtering epitaph on "Onward into the Abyss".

We tell you; Black Hosts are here to conquer the world and reign in victory. Mark their path as they carve their burning flag upon the underground!

Black Hosts's Line up:
Lord Violator: Vocals
Axemaniac: Guitars
Black Vomit: Bass
Evil Eye: Drums

Black Hosts's Onward into the Abyss Tracklist: 
1. Debauchery Over Vatican [04:20]
2. Den Of The Dark Sorcerer [05:03]
3. Onward Into... [01:19]
4. ...The Abyss [04:08]

Bandcamp | Soundcloud

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