8. Apr, 2021

783PUNX Proudly Announces:

Extinction of Mankind "Storm Of Resentment"

"Sealed" 7 inch pizza box with all-over artwork contains:
- cassette tape with special full-coverage UV on body print packed in cardboard mailer with all-over artwork
- 2x EoM stickers
- 783punx sticker
- 2inch wide logo enamel metal pin
- double-sided, folded 3-panel lyrics and info sheet printed on thick paper
- A3 poster

Limited to 66 hand-numbered (by my wife - as always ;) ) copies.
Preorder starts tomorrow, 2nd of April (Bandcamp Friday) from midnight pacific time / starts 8AM in UK / 9am in Europe - only via our Bandcamp !
release / shipping date: 16/04/2021

Grab it before it's too late!


British metal/punk veterans EXTINCTION OF MANKIND released their newest album titled "Storm Of Resentment" via Agipunk on LP and MCR Company and Criminal Attack Records on CD.
It's time now for this banger to be released as tape format for the first time !

The band started in 1992, and they are one of the few who are true to what British punk has always been. They are the natural continuity of the UK Anarcho Crust Punk movement started in the late 1980s influenced by bands such as ANTISECT, AMEBIX or AXEGRINDER.

"Storm Of Resentment" is the anarcho punk concentration of the United Kingdom. Take the best of it (the lyrics, the testimonials, the sound, the beat, the anger and the dedication) and add thrash guitars to the last one. EXTINCTION OF MANKIND proves that you don't have to play too fast to be brutal.

The introduction of "Cash Cow" Slowly takes you to the disc with your initial 2-minute intro with a destructive and contagious sound that makes you want more and more! And you will get so much more! MetalPunk, Crust and Pinches of Thrash Metal! This is a true crust masterpiece, compared to the album "Baptized In Shit" (1995), if not better! All album art was done by Duncan Macpherson.


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