10. Aug, 2020

TextHELLDPROD RECORDS is proud to present

HELLDPROD RECORDS is proud to present OBSCURE RELIC' highly anticipated new EP, First Black Communion.

The hot and steamy Brazilian labyrinths keep on oozing the blackest secrets from the all hellish flaming arts!

During 2019, on the day of the dead, Deoarsprofanum and Splatter, also known from bands like Power From Hell, Velho, and Pombajira, summoned the darkest powers to create a bestial revelation by the name of OBSCURE RELIC. After redefining darkness they conjured the profane powers and were joined by Død and Caronte. With this full and steady line-up, they started to write the songs to be included in their first demo, out in CD-R.

"Sons of Evil Power" had 3 tracks and 50 copies were made to promote this blasphemous horde. Several live shows were performed during February 2020 and thanks to the good old days of “demo-nic” trading OBSCURE RELIC’s curse was spread throughout the underground scene and two more editions were made to satisfy the possessed demands. In order to increase their command, Hellmaniac entered the band and a new abyssal cycle was rejoiced by these metal demons.

Gathering enough material to unleash it in their seminal full-length OBSCURE RELIC decided firstly to release an Ep entitled “First Black Communion” with 6 new evil songs. There are no other words than to say it’s a violent black metal declaration. It drips obscurity and impiety from its essence, it’s the ultimate aggression statement for all non-believers and it will nail you to everlasting joy for pain and suffering.

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Ordering info can be found HERE.

1. Descending...
2. The First Black Communion
3. Master Of All Forms
4. Enter The Infernal Realms
5. For Blackerubins
6. Rising...

Release Date: August 10th, 2020
Cat Nº #: HDP078
Format: CD / CS / TS
Genre: Black Metal 

- CD 200 copies
- Cassette 50 Copies

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