3. Aug, 2020

HELLDPROD RECORDS is proud to present:

HELLDPROD RECORDS is proud to present TYRANNO's highly anticipated second Full-length, "March of Death".

There’s definitely something brought by the relentless warmth of the southern winds!

If you can picture the boiling and scorching images of burning hell you must be acquainted with TYRANNO’s name, the Brazilian driven metal force created in 2014 by the crushing fists of the brothers Dyd Bastard (vocals and guitar) and Bitch Hünter (drums), later joined by Lady Iron (bass).

Coming from the rumbling city of Rio de Janeiro with all its buzz the band took advantage of its own reality and shaped their vision into the ugliest but yet traditional side of their sonic musicianship. One might notice the traces of the old school glories like Hellhammer and Celtic Frost but also the blasphemous presence of early Sodom, Slayer, and Venom influences in their repertoire.

In the same year of their genesis they released their first works including the Single “Master of Evil”, the Ep “Master of Sin” and in 2015 a Split Ep with Nightmare. Three years later, after many promotional live shows, they see the departure of Lady Iron and the entering of Diabolic to her position. The work kept going on and the band released its first album in 2017 entitled “Skulls, Horns & Lust”, an excellent debut that exposed and confirmed what the band was all about. By exploring their proto occult death and thrash metal veins a step further was given towards the general public and the media partners leading TYRANNO to open bigger stages and shows such as the ones with Frank Blackfire and Força Macabra.

The power trio gained the recognition they deserved and after this period of time, they begun to work on the “Skulls, Horns & Lust” follow up. The new material took form and “March of Death” was born under the battlefield pyre of skulls and bones; Indeed they have returned stronger than ever and beyond Heavy is the main aspect to retain from their most recent songs. Believe us, it’s all there but much more refined. The classical and morbid edges given also bring the band closer to its essence but without compromising its ferociousness. Without a doubt, this will make all the headbangers travel in time and rejoice not only with the powerful riffs played and but also with the damned enchanted echoed chorus. Definitely “March of Death” will stand as a glorious revival opus but with its eyes set on the future legacy of our horned steel warriors!

Expect to see this black pearl released and distributed any time soon exclusively on Tape and CD throughout Europe by Helldprod Records.

Release Date:
Cassette (August 31, 2020) / CD (October 2020)

"March Of Death"

Limited to 100 copies in Cassette and 200 copies in CD


01 - March Of Death
02 – Anger
03 - Heading To The Coven
04 - Dead Brain, Living Skull
05 - Black Star
06 – Harder
07 - Among Damneds And Fools
08 - Praise The Horns
09 - Cold Embrace
10 - Black Death
11 - In The Dead Hour
12 - Fool Dethroned

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