30. May, 2020

THE SYMBOLIST "Sentinelese" Cassette + CD - OUT NOW

THE HILLS ARE DEAD Records presents "Sentinelese", the last Grindcore work of The Symbolist.
Recorded between 2017 and 2020 at the Von Trapp Studios.
Honorable guest performance by Pedra, the voice of the almighty Deathgrind Legends GROG, from track 1 to track 13.
The Sentinelese, also known as the Sentineli and the North Sentinel Islanders, are an indigenous people who inhabit North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal in India. They are considered one of the world's last uncontacted peoples. Designated a Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group and a Scheduled Tribe, they belong to the broader class of Andamanese people. Along with the Great Andamanese, the Jarawas, the Onge, the Shompen, and the Nicobarese, the Sentinelese are one of the six native and often reclusive peoples of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Unlike the others, the Sentinelese appear to have consistently refused any interaction with the outside world. They are hostile to outsiders and have killed people who approached or landed on the island.

THE SYMBOLIST "Sentinelese"

Cassette + CD 

01 - Tribal Grind
02 - Cloud Seeding
03 - The Fire Pit
04 - Idiopathic
05 - Ignorance Breeds Fear
06 - Archery
07 - Your Mortar And My Pestle
08 - Snake Oil
09 - Fear Breeds Hate
10 - Andamanese Girl
11 - Fermentation
12 - Digital Dark Age
13 - Hate Breeds Violence
14 - Sentinelese
15 - Theme For A Global Disevangelization
16 - Monism
17 - No Escape (Death Toll 80k)
18 - Parasites (Napalm Death)
19 - The Great Wall (Dead Kennedys)
20 - Animal Boy (Ramones)
21 - Outro

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