25. Feb, 2020

HMR125 | ANTIKULT "And Then Came The Plague" (OUT NOW)

Murder Records is proud to present this Grindcore torture where delirious from the Antikult psycho minds can be transformed in voracious fusions without limits to make it extremely sick to the point without return or any existence of happiness...

A massive infection is what we can expect from this plague noise where the killer saxophone can cause us abruptly seizures with jazz sickness and where do not exist treatment just a deep social repudiation...

HMR125 | ANTIKULT "And Then Came The Plague"

Cassette with a limited edition of 150 copies hand-numbered

Grindcore Torture Provoked By Psycho Jazz Convulsions...


Track List for both sides of the cassette:

01 - Work and Die
02 - Social Justice
03 - Surgical Love
04 - Purulent System
05 - The Evisceration Garden
06 - Das ist Valter
07 - Corrupted Culture's Putrescence
08 - Bhopal's Toxic Embryos (live)
09 - Extreme Genital Automation
10 - Dioxin No Natsu
11 - Too Grind To Fuck (Dead Kennedys)
12 - Steel In My Teeth *
13 - The Happiness Gone *
14 - Teratogenic 76 *

All noises were recorded during the winter MMXVIII-IX and in the winter of MMXX at the Korova Sounds in Zurich, Switzerland and Final Holocaustcave in Milan, Italy by Alex Bescape and Aubert Leroux except noise 8 was recorded live in Poprad at Slovakia and some years ago remixed at Final Holocaustcave by Aubert Leroux.
Noise 01 until Noise 11 previously released at the album called "Dioxin No Natsu" and released by Red Truth Records.
Noise 01 was included also on the "International One-Man-Grind Compilation" and released by The Hills Are Dead Records.
(*) These 3 extra noises were previously unreleased and released exclusively by Murder Records.

Cover artwork by Angy Cocó, band photo by Paju Bescapé and final layout by Danihell Slaughter.

Line Up:
Alex Bescape: Growls and Bass
Skefill Kiljanson: Guitars
Aubert Leroux: Drums

Guest artists:
Paju Bescapè on guitars and Rade Krkic on the psycho saxophone




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