8. Feb, 2020


Helldprod Records sets March 31st as the international release date for Thrashera's highly anticipated third album, NÃO GOSTO!

With nearly 20 releases under their bullet belts, Thrashera is a veritable institution in the Brazilian underground. The band formed in June 2010 by three maniacs deeply into the '80s wave of Satanic metal and primitive rock 'n' roll. As strongly suggested by the title of their 2010 demo Speed Sex'n'Roll as well as For All Drunks 'n' Bitches debut album in 2014, Thrashera's lyrics unabashedly encompass such themes as devious behavior, sex, alcohol and drug abuse, horror films, war, massacres, nuclear disasters, violence, underground counterculture, punk issues, and the headbanging way of life. It's that lattermost element which has endeared the band to so many across the international underground, and their forthcoming NÃO GOSTO! is gonna launch Thrashera onto an ever wider stage - which the band will promptly destroy! Read more

Begin denying the false with the brand-new title track "NÃO GOSTO!" HERE at Hellprod's Soundcloud as well as HERE at the label's Bandcamp. Ordering info can be found HERE.


Pre order prices (until 31 March 2020) CD = 7.00 € (Free Shipping worldwide)

Price (after 31 March 2020) CD = € 10.00 + Shipping Costs