5. Jan, 2020

Enfermo Dist.

Enfermo Dist. is a Portuguese label based on the extreme Underground, mostly dedicated to his D.I.Y culture working with genres like Hardcore punk, Noisecore, cavernous Grindcore, Harsh Noise, and Experimental Noise...

Anyone interested in getting more information about the activities of ENFERMO Dist. should be aware of the new protests that will be duly published on the publisher's blog as well as the noisy junk releases that it prepares to present and that I recommend to all the connoisseurs of rotting noise...

Enfermo Dist. Releases:

EDP009 | NEONATAL ABSTINENCE SYNDROME "Vitriol Fumant" Split Cassette
EDP008 | KÂK "D-Noise Schruftpunk Hobocrust" Cassette
EDP007 | DEATH TO ALL POLITICIAN / DRENAGEM "Enough Is Enough" Split Cassette
EDP006 | HYPOMANIA "Desolamento" Demo Cassette
EDP005 | DRENAGEM / CHANGOZ! "Desfazer As Pedras Que Tens Nas Mãos" / "60 Tracks Em Contra Da Discriminação" Split Cassette
EDP004 | GORGÁSMICO PORNOBLASTOMA / ATOMKRIG "Culminação Da Malevolência" - "Crustolivion" Split Cassette
EDP003 | BLACK SLAUGHTER / INSOLÊNCIA "Sound Of Torture" Split Cassette
EDP002 | DRENAGEM / KAK "Filthier, Noisier... Shittier" Split Cassette
EDP001 | D.O.M / INSOLÊNCIA "Maldade Insurrecta" Split Cassette