2. Jan, 2020

DARK UNION "Hollywound" LP (OUT NOW)

DARK UNION “Hollywound” is conceived from the febrile imagination of Glenn Michael Wallis (Whitehouse, Konstruktivists, The Murray Fontana Orchestra, Conspiracy International) in the UK and Mark Reynolds in the USA

This is a 7-track industrial tour de force focusing on themes that explore the darker side of an increasingly obsessive and compulsive ‘ritual’ of cosmetic surgery perfection in Hollywood.


DARK UNION – Hollywound LP
Limited Edition 250 Copies

Side A
1. Hollywound (7:00)
2. The Room (6:35)
3. Da Da (5:52)

Side B
1. Pretty Baby (5:36)
2. American Beauty (5:32)
3. B.D.D. (4:50)
4. The Suture Is Now (5:10)


Full-Length LP released by 4iB Records in a Horror Red Vinyl with an A4 Insert.

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