31. Dec, 2019


Murder Records proudly present the most insane noises from the numb creature of an underworld full of inhuman atrocities buried by this profane humanity plunged into deep abysses without return where the pure noise is continuous towards the bottom of this abyss in the darkness of human decay...

Self human destruction is here complemented with the emerging noises of rumbling and unclean echoes coming from necrotic accursed darkness of this enslaved humanity itself in the constant abuse of socially festering poison to die in pure decadence where lethal doses with suicidal noise is ready to be consumed by this empty humanity brought to nothing with these four deplorable and insane torments...


"Overdose With Lethal Dosis Of Noise, Drugs, And Caos..."

Cassette with a limited edition of 100 copies hand-numbered with Inhuman abuse of poisonous substances

Side A:
01 - Torpor
02 - Confusion

Side B:
03 - Involuntary Brain Disorder
04 - Collapse

All these noises were recorded in December 2019, at Mundo Maldito - Brazil.

Inhumanoise is:
Cesar China (emanator of sound atrocities)




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