30. Jul, 2019

Viceral Vomit Zine #15 OUT NOW

Viceral Vomit Zine #15 is now out and it contains 50 pages of total underground devotion, printed with pro-quality and letter size where you can find perverted interviews with bands like: Catechon, Fosa Comun, Lidande, Alastor Sanguinay Embryo, Grimorium Verum, Legion, Beelzebul, Parabellum, Astarium, Evil Hatred and reports about the underground labels like: Hell Productions, Fekette Terror, Murder Records, Dunkelheit Prod, Wings of Destruction Records, Enfermo Distro and much more bios mixed with tons of reviews and flyers!

For all interested in getting your copy do not hesitate to contact and give your support to those who really deserve to be supported...

Since now the pages of VICERAL VOMIT ZINE #16 are open and for that reason, all bands, labels or other insane projects interested to share your news and all information according to your activities just send your stuff to:

Leonel Mora
Oficina de Correos de Ciudad Colon
Code Postal 10701
San Jose – Costa Rica