2. Jun, 2019

Sordid Noisecre Militia Compilation vol.1 & Fanzine #1

Sordid Noisecre Militia Compilation vol.1 & Fanzine #1 only support the must Extreme Undergrind and for that reason I regret to inform you but this project is not dedicated exclusively to Noisecore but will be a 666% fully addiction dedication to all the most extreme rotten strands of the most insane sickness with filthy Grindcore, Powerviolence, Mincecore, Raw D-Beat Crust, Raw Punk Harcore, Fastcore, Thrashcore, Noise, Harsh Noise as well as all the ways of expressing ideologies or feelings that decompose in extreme noises, so welcome to this underworld militia of nasty noise because this project is made to keep the true D.I.Y. attitude alive, stronger and united in the right places with the right persons, this is not a public project and I only intend to create something with a true noise meanings what only a few are allowed to understand.

The alignment for this first edition is already closed with twenty bands that will present their filthy noises represented in each noise session of this compilation but also where the information about twelve D.I.Y. labels who will make their contribution to the distribution from the physical format as well as the promotion from the digital format of this militia and I would like to inform all the listeners that the physical format of this compilation intends to be a protest against the CD-R format, for that reason I would like to ask all of the true nasty noise addicts if you are interested in making your own copies from this compilation in a physical format please do it but in a proper way, just D.I.Y. in Cassette format to avoid any kind of CD-R contamination because for all those who are not interested in making or obtaining copies in the physical format will be available in the Bandcamp of Murder Records the digital format entirely free from this project and where you can download it and give your own donation, if you want of course...

I would like to reveal the drawings I will use on the cover of fanzine and compilation of this project that is now finished and done by Deuteromali an illustrator from Indonesia and I'm proud to announce this perverted work, I hope you enjoy. All the insane videos for this project will be made with total dedication by Leo Mora from Viceral Vomit Records in Costa Rica and all that you can expect is the complete decomposition of a demented mind allowing our minds get more extreme than ever...

My intention to create this project has as its main objective the total support, however restricted, of a lifestyle that few can assume and take seriously in a more intimate or reserved way sometimes called nihilism or misanthropism and where the need to socialize just to maintain contact with other humans simply does not exist because here only the must true honest support becomes relevant and that is what I intend to leave registered with this project made for all the Undergrind warriors over this rotten world that I intend rattled violently with this project, because the freedom of expression in the confrontation of ideas is something I appreciate a lot to give my total support to other entities that dedicate themselves and who use the same principles meanings to support the real Undergrind like me and many others.

I'm proud to inform all of you about the bands already confirmed for the first issue where you will find tons of information and interview with Anonimuus Creature catatonic and obscure funeral Harsh with suicidal and morbid Noises from Hell, Disfigured Human Mind improvised necro Noise violent Grindcore from Holland and Portugal, Drenagem Noisecore manifest from Portugal, Finecut nasty Noisecore Punk from Portugal, Gofuckyourself furious Grind, raw Crust and pure Noisecore from Canada, Gorgonized Dorks monstrous Noisecore infection from the United States, Insolência electronic Harsh Noise frequencies from Portugal,Insomnia Isterica insane minced Grindcore from Switzerland, Junkie Warrior only for Grindcore junkies with heavy drugs Noisecore from Brazil, Matka Teresa raw Crust with filthy Noisecore from Holland, Morte Lenta Noisecore attack anti propaganda from Brazil, New York Against The Belzebu the primitive sweres of Noisecore from Brazil, Nuclear Post Mortem atomic Noisecore extermination from Brazil, Ouroborean Piss noisysickness Harsh Noise from United States, Pissdeadsabrassive Noisecore from Russia,Porräloka corrosive Noisecore raw Punk from Brazil, Radiacion Suicyda dirty Noisecore Punk from Mexico, SxSxCxBx frenetic Noisecore syndromes from Russia, Takashi Ohkawadisturbing Harsh Noise atmosphere from Holland, The Bimbos mankind Grindcore destruction with Noisecore annihilations from the United States and Väättumänukku violent Noisecore raw Punk from Brazil.

Is also, an honor for me get supported and is a pleasure giving also all my support with this project to all the labels already envolved on this noise militia and where you can find also an interview with tons of information about all the new activities about Audio Nasty Records & Fanzine fanzine and label from the United States, Campaign For Musical Destruction Records label from Canada, Destruktomizik label and official distributor from Murder Records in the United States, Enforced Existence Records label from the United States, Extreme Terror Productions label from Holland, Grindfather Productions label from United Kingdom, L'è Tütt Folklor Records label from Switzerland, Musikal Exterminator Productions label and official distributor from Murder Records in Brazil, Nihilistic Holocaust Productions & Webzine webzine and label from France, Posthuman Fanzine & Productions label and fanzine from Hungary and Viceral Vomit Records fanzine, label and official distributor from Murder Records in Costa Rica. I would say thanks to all of you to be part of this militia and of course all the support to make it real, much appreciated.

Links what you can use for check all the updates every week and of course you can share it to spread this sickness that all of us are starting with this militia just to support each other and our nasty noises...

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At the beginning of each week will be duly published and announced the respective video from the bands directly involved in this militia with complete information as well as their links and much more...