28. Apr, 2019


We proudly introduce you to FATAL UNDERGROUND FANZINE, one of the most respected dinosaurs of the Underground Fanzines made in this world and where you can find and read real Underground content special made for true Underground maniacs.

You are invited to check and support this type of project because it is and maintains the true meaning of supporting the true Underground scene.

Written in German and in the copy layout at 122 A5 pages, edition No.51 is now available, which features detailed interviews with:
DOOMED, PAUL SPECKMANN, ALDI PUNK (Mailorder), DER BLUTHARSCH AND THE INFINITE CHURCH OF MAIN HAND, COMMANDER, APEGA, ZOMBIE RIOT, DEMONI, CHAOS PATH, SCHREIKRAMPF (Fanzine), SAPROBIONTICO, CICONISMO and next door you can find lots of comments, specials, and many other pure underground metal materials to keep you informed.

For news and more information you can contact: fatalunderground_leo@freenet.de or visit and check the official page: