23. Apr, 2019


To start our hostilities, we would like to introduce and talk a little more about a new fanzine & label from the United States, called AUDIO NASTY!! Is runned by a young man who brings not only new blood but also keeps full attitude and dedication where the main focus is speaking and support the true Undergrind scene! However Cadaveric Metal, Nasty Punk, and RAW Noise are also up to discussion in the pages of this Fanzine.

The first issue of AUDIO NASTY FANZINE, which is fully endorsed by DESTRUKTOMUZIK, is already available. There you can find interviews with Filthy Hate, Fetus Eaters, Brundlefly and Igor Mortis, together with some reviews, as well as other information about interesting bands and labels worldwide.

Withal, we have the honor to announce that the second edition of this Fanzine is already on the making where you can find interviews with Inopexia, Death To All Politician, Together, Nasty Face, Blumpkin Spice Latte, Disfigured Human Mind, and other filthy stuff.

The first release from AUDIO NASTY Label is already in progress and will be the demo of Death To All Politician, from sick Noisecore band from Malaysia, so stay tuned. All of you interested in more information or just to give your support, you can reach via Facebook or by e-mail: audionastyzine@gmail.com