16. Apr, 2019


Hell-o brothers from the horrid noises and demented freaks!!!

The stench of filthiness once more invades the air when the gates from our hellish insanity opens again and it is now the time to share with you the freshest blood with juicy information on the new issue from our Cadaveric Noiseletter #2 in 2019, where you can find the complete HELLSTORE Europe Mail Order List + our complete and updated releases list.

Expect raw filthy content about our new releases and of course our total support sharing with you the new collaborations with our brothers in noise giving them support with Labels or Fanzines like Audio Nasty Fanzine, Destruktomuzik, Enforced Existence Records, Kill Collector Culture Records, Nihilistic Holocaust Distro & Webzine, Musikal Exterminator Productions & Fanzine, Fatal Underground Fanzine, Posthuman Productions & Fanzine and much more information that we recommend to all of you...

Link to check out online our Cadeveric Noiseletter:

Link to Download or Print our Cadaveric Noiseletter or Releases List:

Some retarded brothers asked us if they can print and share the Cadaveric Noiseletter, the answer is yes. We want to give our permission to all of you interested in print this Noiseletter but you can also share the format PDF from this shit.

Sweat and blood are drained in order to give our humble support to help to keep the fucking resistance alive, because only the real sewer rats, like us, will survive in the deepest Underground! Fuck the damn alienation with your Android or Computer dependence full of social media and all that sort of useless bullshit where you waste your time on but above all ... we don't give a fuck about your status or your shitty attitude! Extreme Noise only for extremely fucked up brain drilled bastards!!!

Thanks for all the support in advance to all the noise bastards that support and follow us but also thank you for all the "human remains" that hate us because you are special, you are our inspiration and the shit that give us reasons to continue boring you more and more...

No Politics, No Capitalism, No Fast Food, No Trends, No Party or Happy Shit, No Bullshit...


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