17. nov, 2018

HMR092 / DESTRUKTO07 | DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND / TERLARANG "Just Don't See Who Doesn't Want To See" Sp

See what? How can we see if our eyes are melted by Disfigured Human Mind and Terlarang musical approach?
What are we supposed to see if a huge mass of roteen flesh keep us blind and lost from each other?
This is sonic torture, this is pain in the shape of chaos, this is the noise you love most!

"Just Don't See Who Doesn't Want To See"

Split Cassette Limited edition of 100 copies handnumered

Side A

01 - Intro
02 - Overwhelmed By Social Media
03 - Obsession And Mass Manipulation To Win Ratings
04 - You're Just Another Human Photocopy
05 - Do You Realize That You're Just Another Number Of Statistics
06 - Nobody Cares What You Think Or Hear What You Say
07 - Politics And Religion Don't Means Instruction Or Education
08 - Social Networks To Keep Stupid Human Masses
09 - Capitalism Handling The Massive Consumerism
10 - Use Your Grey Matter
11 - Social Ignorance On A Global Scale
12 - Outro

This noise protest anti all kinds of social media are record by Cadaver Efermus and a special guest Bonifácio for record the drums at 18 August of 2017 in Portugal and all the vomits and vokills against all kind of social networks are record by Cadaver Panafernalicus at 05 Mei 2018 in the Graveyard Farm Studios in Holland.

Disfigured Human Mind:
Cadaver Panáfernalicus (Vomits And Vokills)
Cadaver Efermus (Guitars)
Bonifácio (Drums)

Improvised Necro Noise Violent Grindcore



Side B

01 - Berdiri Tetap Aku Berdiri
02 - Demokrasi Katanya, Demi Kroni Sendiri
03 - Iblis Dihatimu
04 - Masa Untuk Berdansa
05 - Moron System
06 - My Way!
07 - Political Shit!

All songs by Terlarang
All song recorded somewhere at earth on 1789

Terlarang 2018 :
Zul - Vocal
Dee - Guitar
Oggy - Drum

Special thanks to Danihell and Disfigured Human Mind for sharing split with us. Murder Records and Destruktomuzik for interested to release this split.

Warning : play it loud or go sleep!! The Noise Prevails...


Oggy no18 taman sentosa 33000 Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia.




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