27. mei, 2018

DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND - Cadaveric Noiseletter

Hell-o Noise Bastards over the world, here's the new Noiseletter about what we are doing this late month’s to keep you guys updated about DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND protest of shit.
You can always check our abnormal noises at bandcamp to know the news, but for the ones who still like the old vibes we still feel the pleasure of doing this Noiseletter.
On the other side you can check a brief Bio / Info from the bands journey through the years and how fucked up we are… well proceeding!
Here we going to put all our releases from the  ending of 2016 till now including splits that some of you noise freaks going to enjoy like exclusive arsh noise ambient or more into experimental noise grind.
Disfigured Human Mind never stop the noise process and is preparing new Infernal torments to infect the human brains with more audio tortures to make you fell pain.
We can’t still believe there are people listening to that shit, you’re all retarded!!!
Orders and Pre-Orders: