5. apr, 2018

HMR080 | ENSSEMINIS “Relatos Retorcidos”

Diving deep in the old school sounds of the very first grindcore bands and traditional death metal graveland escapades Ensseminis add some dark but yet powerful chants that will make you bleed and crush your skull against the tombstone. For fans of early Fear of God, Blood, Incantation and Benediction!

“Relatos Retorcidos”

Demo Cassette Limited edition of 100 copies

Obscure Death Metal

1. Masacre Sin Venganza
2. Epithumias Misticas
3. Erotica Aversion
4. De Inmortales Hechiceros
5. Abusos Transhumanos

Ensseminis is manifestation of creative energy, retain sperm water is source of art in honor to the Thanatos and eros. Eject it is to fulfill ritual of skin responsible for hidden beings.

Relatos Retorcidos, as meaning the twisted tales represents work of black art that expresses deepest feelings the irrational existence of being. It is to reveal with possessed narration likes them and of mystery of this sick and passionate life more ineffable experiences.



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