Stomachal Corrosion are from left to right:

Saulo Eustáquio (Vocals)
David Oliveira (Bass)
Charlie Curcio (Guitar)
Frederico Catarino (Drums)

Stomachal Corrosion Biography:

The Stomachal Corrosion began in January 1991 and remains one of the oldest extreme bands from Brazil, fitting in Grindcore style.

Since its early days has been accumulating materials released in all formats, both in Brazil and abroad, as well as several live performances in many cities around the country.

His major releases are: Split CD with the Belgian band Agathocles, Split CD with fellow belgian Jan AGX, CD 4 Way titled Grind Attack; full length CD "Transtorno Obsceno Repulsivo" and Split LP with the band Disarm from Santa Bárbara D’Oeste (SP, Brazil), where the founder and guitarist of Stomachal Corrosion (Charlie Curcio) plays bass with Disarm.

Figuring in many other musical initiatives (compilations and splits on CD, CDr, cassettes, VHS) and in interviews at many fanzines and magazines, thus having the opportunity to present the concepts and thoughts that are part of the existence of Stomachal Corrosion, because Grindcore is not just the music.

The acid and neutral lyrics with offensive nature are part of the style in which the Stomachal Corrosion is inserted.

Another initiative of the band is to foster the spread of Esperanto language in their lyrics and themes.

One of the central points of the band is to remain neutral in addressing issues such as political views and oppressive ideologies of cultures and beliefs.


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