This violent formula of Radiacion Suicyda from Mexico was born on May 2014 in order to make several very interesting Noisecore protests where Xuan, the only member of this project that after having tried several options, decides to be it to play all the instruments to record the first official demo of the band, an EP that was edited in cassette and given in musical events that had nothing to do with the genre that the band has proposed and dedicates to do since its inception.

The following month is presented the second demo that comes out in a more experimental style and nothing happens, until the invitation arises to participate in a split with the Brazilian band Porräloka and is then when the band starts to get totally in the noise and starts to participate in a lot of splits with national and international bands, until in the year 2017 the band decides to take a break that most seemed to be their final definitive.

But it was not so, there is an invitation to play live at a festival at the end of that same year and with the help of a friend of the band called Lalo, which until now is the only live presentation of Radiacion Suicyda that remained dormant until 2018 when he returns to the action this time supported by a friend called Cheke to finish and so present us the noise released in the split with Mal Aliento...

Now that we are at 2019 and after releasing two more splits and one EP, the last thing that Radiacion Suicyda did was to participate in two important international compilations.

And we will now get to know a little more about the points of view that our friend Xuan will provide us with his Noisecore protests as well as all the information of this Radiacion Suicyda in the following interview...

S.N.M.: Why are you addicted to Noise Shit?
Xuansalvador: I do not really consider myself an "addict", rather I would classify my approach to noise as an unhealthy obsession, perhaps, and the reason for this would be the interest I have in the way our brain manages to create the impulses that we later turn into sound, in music, before having form and structure all that is just white noise in our head and it is that inhospitable terrain that I really like to explore.

S.N.M.: What and why did you get involved?
Xuansalvador: Well, I always wanted to play some instrument, but after getting my first electric guitar and seeing that I was unable to play it "properly" I started exploring with less musical genres. I had already heard noisecore and at that time was (and still is) a follower of bands like Porraloka, Pissdeads, and Cacophony, it's amazing to see how those bands get to that level of noise with very few elements, so I took my brother's drums, I recorded some blast beats, some screams, and some guitars, I put everything together and put together my first demo as Radiacion Suicyda, I did not know if anyone really interested what I was doing, but send many emails with the demo and give away many cassettes to people who I did not even know, nothing really happened until I received the invitation to participate in my first split (with Porraloka!), so I realized that I should keep doing this, at least while that initial impulse lasted ...

S.N.M.: What is your message and what does it mean to you?
Xuansalvador: I think that my message is based on what can happen if we keep repeating all those actions that are destroying us as a species, automatically, without thinking even a little, just following a tradition, a path traced by inertia. For me, this means that the only way we have to change reality is doing new things from the destruction of all those old things that today are useless; like music, for example.

S.N.M.: What does it mean to you, support and be supported?
Xuansalvador: That people in general and oneself in particular, we are able to generate a true connection between us beyond of our differences, create a way of acting in which the collective benefit is more important than the benefit of a few.

S.N.M.: Do you want to reveal your upcoming noisy activities here?
Xuansalvador: Now I have not planned anything, there are some splits that are still detained and I hope they leave soon, but nothing more; maybe the only thing that needs to be revealed is that appearing in this compilation is the last thing I'm going to do as Radiacion Suicyda.

S.H.M.: How and where can we find or contact you to acquire and support your noisy activities?
Xuansalvador: Can connect to the following email or If you want to hear more about Radiacion Suicyda you can visit my blog because there is almost everything that has come out in these five years of noise. 





Noise Session Nr. 05

“Cuanto Ruido Se Necesita Para Cambiar El Mundo?”
(Dirty Noisecore Raw Punk from Mexico)

Armed session from recordings made between 2017 and 2019 by Xuansalvador

Xuansalvador: (All the guitar, drums & voices)


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