In the dark catacombs of the deeper Underground from France remain intact the activities of Nihilistic Holocaust Productions & Webzine where we can exhume several aspects of extreme noises that allow us to achieve the most obscure Death Metal, Grindcore or Thrash Metal symphonies from the graves buried in this graveyard where the latest ceremonies funebres provoked new releases submitted by Nihilistic Holocaust Records and of which I intend to talk a little bit more...


"Morning will come no more"

This killer and soulful old school Death album are now re-materialized on tape!
Almost 60 minutes of death metal the traditional way, with killer riffs, atmospheres, obscurity, skills and a piece of knowledge for real compositions!

Think about the burning influences of old MORBID ANGEL, old to mid-old DEATH, early IMMOLATION (First album), some BRUTALITY, some old PESTILENCE... and underground 90's Death metal in general.

This was composed in the old way, and it speaks The feeling, the riffs and the production reek of 90's Death metal passion!
(Some of these songs were composed in the '90s for the band's first demos, then reworked later for the album's completion).

This album was initially released in 2012 on CD, but have been sold out for years and was never materialized on analog format... This is now a problem solved.

This comes as a pro-printed black tape, with color cover, and is limited to 300 copies. 

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This is dark and twisted death metal with old school roots, right in the middle between old school thrashing death and more adventurous death metal that keeps an old school aura. Recommended for fans of old school darkness who need something more unusual. Think about very early IMMOLATION, early GORGUTS (First albums), old MASSACRA, TIMEGHOUL, old MORBID ANGEL with a touch of early SUPURATION and old SKELETON OF GOD.

This demo composed of 5 compositions was initially recorded more than 17 years ago and released very confidentially on CDr format... It is now finally rematerialized on tape for your morbidly epileptic pleasures!

Strictly limited to 100 pro tapes (Factory pressed black cassettes + pro covers).


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