As I have already had the opportunity to tell you about the important collaboration given to this project of Deuteromali an illustrator from Indonesia born in the generation of the 90's and that presents us the elaboration of the cover used in this fanzine, where we can see represented a Social insanity that devours voraciously this world, which is governed by an infernal manipulative system that only serves to try to dominate us in a controlling way only to try keeping us blind, deaf and mute within a consumerist world managed by a system of capitalist politics and where we members of this militia will continue fight to continue to be completely independent with the right to be who we really are, with the freedom to observe the social decadence that surrounds us, with the ability to reflect about the attitudes we should take and above all with the power we have to express all our protests without fear of declaring our rights or without complexes to defend our opinions and get our own conclusions...

 The concept used for the elaboration of the cover of this unpleasant compilation, where all the noisily dirty manifests were recorded by the violinist in their abstract melodies that will rot quickly in the presence of the annihilating noises reproduced by the Machiavelli shadow that in one way or another will always be the blackest side that pursues us in all our existences but that we ignore constantly and that is where this militia comes into action when we turn into noisy shadows that of a very own way allows us to survive in this miserable world and where ignorance is absolute...

 After this brief presentation of the work done by Deuteromali and that you own can check we will take the interview with this young illustrator and where we can find more information and their respective contacts...

S.N.M.: D.I.Y. means something for you? Why?

Deuteromali: Yes sure! Do it Yourself is the boundary that results from the practice of life. These limits are not conceptually formulated, Do It Yourself is an ethic whose understanding can be understood only through practice in life. So, the meaning of Do It Yourself ethics also differs between. Some consider the ethics of Do It Yourself to be limited to music problems. Others see Do It Yourself ethics as a handle on the whole of life. Although different in interpreting the Do It Yourself ethics, no one has a problem with that. Because they respect each other's differences in thinking. These differences are part of the ethics of Do It Yourself in thinking. The basis of Do It Yourself ethics is independence in doing things. The Do It Yourself Ethics starts with yourself. Individuals who determine everything that is good for themselves without coercion from others. Do It Yourself Ethics is a practical manifestation of the statement that, "everyone can do everything with their own abilities".

S.N.M.: Why are you designer dedicated to nasty noise shit?

Deuteromali: Because this is my passion for music that I listen to and I do to make designs, sometimes people like hobbies that they do base on the quality in each of them, when people who like music are slow maybe they will draw something more friendly, and conversely people who like noise may be more chaotic, fuck of the system this is my rules

S.N.M.: What and why got you into?

Deuteromali: Why am I involved? maybe because this is a talent or need that I can do and at the same time my hobby from childhood to draw, and maybe because music is also part of my daily hobby almost every hour to listen to music, why not? if I try to channel my hobbies, for example, making album covers, T-shirts design for bands that I like

 What means for you, support and be supported?

Deuteromali: In my opinion supporting that is when I appreciate something to other people, like this what is being done I really appreciate 666% of the Sordid Noisecore Militia's activities on the underground music scene. And I hope not only this, after this, there will be cool things! and in my opinion supported it is the opposite when other people who like my work are either on Instagram or wherever they appreciate it, and I am very grateful to all who have appreciated, without all of you I am nothing

 S.N.M.: You want to reveal your upcoming noisy activities here?Deuteromali: For the upcoming activities there may not be exactly I didn't know it hahaha, like now it might still work on other cool band bands! 

S.N.M.: How and where can we contact you to acquire and support your noisy activities? Deuteromali: You can contact me via email and if you want to see my work portfolios you can see it on my Instagram account.