When you have the ability to mix the nasty noises of a junkie with the grind of a warrior, you will find the most unpleasant overdose provided by the abusive consumption of noises made by the Brazilian band Junkie Warrior formed in 2014 when Zé and Leo of Junkie met at the University of the slum during the high consumption of drugs and noise that led them to start the band that here I want to introduce to all the Noise Junkies especially for all the addicted followers' of GG Allin and Anal Cunt...

 After some changes of the junkies, the persistence of the disease continues in order to corrupt all the dogmas rotted away as well as all the annoying taboos eventually control with social poison this miserably greedy society...

For this project Junkie Warrior presents a noise session entitled "Never Stop The Madness" where we can drown our addiction on drugs that have been carved out of the noisy two early works of the band entitled "Jesus Também é Junkie" and "Just One More #Demo Of JUNKIE WARRIOR", but you can check also the split with Disfigured Human Mind entitled “Inject Into Your Veins Noisecore Poison” where you can find the complete demo “Returned” and the band is now preparing new stuff to be released in a split and new demo, keep your mind open to the new upcoming hard drugs of noise...

Now let's get new hard drugs with the tree junkie warriors on the next interview where you can find all the information about what you can get and expect without fashion bullshits...

S.N.M.: Why are you addicted to Noise Shit?

LEL DA JUNKIE: I've never been a big fan of music really worked, very clean music. I've always felt an attraction for the songs dirtier, more badly made and tallz. I think they express in the best rawer way all the hate with screamings and squeakings.

ZÉ DA JUNKIE: I don't know ... When I hear Noise I feel hatred, disorder and various kinds of demonstrations. Maybe that's why I am addicted to Noise because I always want to "stick your Dick in all that fucking ridiculous society.

WEBSTER DA JUNKIE: I like noise because the sound in which I feel understood, free and open. Noise, to me, is like a relaxing stimulus.

S.N.M.: What and why got you into?

LEL DA JUNKIE: The junkie began with a grindcore project, only in our record the sounds were all out of rhythm and too loud, then the project that was to grind became a project of noise. With time we like the idea of noise and decided to join the noise with our idea of beginning to grind.

ZÉ DA JUNKIE: I met the NOISE by Junkie Warrior, formerly just listened, powerviolence, grindcore, etc. Once with friendship with the "LELEL" (LEL of JUNKIE) along with the formation of the band, apart from other things like knowing the noise scene here in fortaleza with bands like Porreria and Morte Lenta.

WEBSTER DA JUNKIE: I came through the influence of Grindcore. I've always liked sound heavy and fast, protest and revolt.

S.N.M.: What is your message and what does it mean to you?

LEL DA JUNKIE: The message is to combat the moralism, this wave of conservatism that's spreading, disturb religious and all that sort of moralist with a topic that is taboo in their society. Is express that all moral and conservative are wimps, who hide behind masks of appearance where all who call themselves good citizen are suspects.

ZÉ DA JUNKIE: I would like to take and send all these BELIEVERS RELIGIOUS FANATICS TAKE FUCKING YOUR ASSHOLE! I don't think the meaning is already simplified... DEATH TO THESE SHIT! TOTAL HATE!

WEBSTER DA JUNKIE: Never give up your dreams as an artist and performing for self-esteem. This means that we can never be according to all, always we must disagree, especially if something hurt our freedom.

 S.N.M.: What means for you, support and be supported?

LEL DA JUNKIE: Support and be supported is ideal. That's what makes the underground on resisting.

ZÉ DA JUNKIE: According to LEL's response, that's it right there. But, we cannot support any sour pot, right? The noise has to be with intention, not a joke to get some instruments and making any noise.

WEBSTER DA JUNKIE: Means to maintain a bond of trust. Something that you give and receive without waiting for anything else in return. Stand firm collectively.

S.N.M.: You want to reveal your upcoming noisy activities here?

ZÉ DA JUNKIE: We are providing a Demo and a Split ... We have no set date exactly but we're in the fight.

WEBSTER DA JUNKIE: There is nothing to hide, but I intend to continue making nasty noises with the JUNKIE WARRIOR and do partnerships whenever possible.

S.N.M: How and where can we find or contact you to acquire and support your noisy activities?

ZÉ DA JUNKIE: Check and visit our Bandcamp ou contact us via e-mail. Thanks! E É NOISE


Noise Session Nr. 06

"Never Stop The Madness"
(Grindcore only for junkies with heavy drugs Noisecore from Brazil)

01 - Abstinencia De Você
02 - Akelala 3
03 - Carabina's Powerviolence
04 - Eu Quero Gozar
05 - Lança Perfume
06 - Praga
07 - Downgrind (Versão Vermelho)

This noise session was made with extracts from the previews demos entitled "Jesus Também é Junkie" and "Just One More #Demo Of JUNKIE WARRIOR".

Destroy everything using drugs!
Life is a drug!
Everything is a drug!
So, fuck off and thanks for being a Junkie...

The JUNKIE WARRIOR nowdays are:




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