Viceral Vomit Records & Fanzine is one of the truest fanzine and label with activities and a lot of hard work from Central America more properly from Costa Rica and his mentor, Leo Mora is simply much more than just a known, friend or brother of the fucking noise, this the creature is someone very but even very special for me by the excellent person who is and for all the work that we have done together as well as all the support provided in partnerships with releases among other activities totally dedicated to supporting the most impure and infernal Underground over the world.

To continue writing about this perverted and total addict to the Undergrind I must put playing a Portuguese grindcore band called Som Triturador "Herpético" Demo Tape'1994 because of this demo was the reason for we meat each other and start this great alliance between Murder Records and Viceral Vomit Records.

All the insane videos for this project will be made with total dedication by Leo Mora from Viceral Vomit Records in Costa Rica and all that you can expect is the complete decomposition of a demented mind allowing our minds get more extreme than ever...

One more time Viceral Vomit Records just be involved with all on this project and I would like to inform all of you the excellent videos for each band and also the full nasty video for this compilation are all made by Leo Mora and here you have one more example about the meaning of support and be supported without bullshits or obligations.

For all the interested in reading some good stuff with serious info and the support I must recommend to all of you to read all the fifteen issues from this excellent fanzine made with proud and honor to all the noise maniacs over the world without compromise only the true support is real here and for that reason, I suggest you check out also the excellent releases made by this awesome D.I.Y. label.

To get more information about the activities and news about Visceral Vomit Records & Fanzine just read the interview below with Leo Mora where you will find a true old school warrior from the Undergrind...

S.N.M.: D.I.Y. means something for you? Why?
Leo Mora: D.I.Y means the real underground extreme music and lifestyle,total fucking freedom!! raw and real expression, NO FALSE MONEY MAKERS. Life isn't a game, we have to survive, if you lived in total poverty and more, you know it, with it all your lifeway became a D.I.Y or die!!

S.N.M.: Why are you dealer dedicated to nasty noise shit?
Leo Mora: Why this nasty, obscure and violent shit really represents me, noise and chaos is in my mind, protest high until exploding their ears and brains. Listen to my noisy voice until you die!!

S.N.M.: What and why got you into?
Leo Mora: I think that since youth age we all have tons of raw feelings depending on your home life, well the mine was surviving without money, without chances for nothing, just work and work for food, the extreme music save me of everything shits, those bestial and chaotic sounds make me free for the scream and kick fucking faces in the way. It's chaos to refresh my rotten soul and give me cool blood to face everything. Hails G.G Allen and Agathocles!!

S.N.M.: What means for you, support and be supported?
Leo Mora: Is a base of everything, sometimes we need a hand, but we need to be available to give you ours too. Is necessary and the alliances and brotherhood. This is not a game is a lifestyle, no one step behind just faced everything and die with your extreme brothers.

S.N.M.: Do you want to reveal your upcoming noisy activities here?
Leo Mora: Yeah!! Well, I want to put out soon the old tapes of my noise band called CACA (shit in English), so back 90's ends I recorded a few demos and I want to edit it with extra tracks of tormenting industrial noise. And of course, continued with this new sadistic noise alliance in that I'm honored for the invitation.

S.N.M.: How and where can we contact you to acquire and support your noisy activities?
Leo Mora: Just write to me and I will response fastly, trades are more than welcome!!
No more boring speech just lives or die in this noisy ways!!

Leonel Mora
Oficina de Correos de Ciudad Colon
Code Postal 10701
San Jose – Costa Rica

Viceral Vomit Zine #15 is now out and it contains 50 pages of total underground devotion, printed with pro-quality and letter size where you can find perverted interviews with bands like: Catechon, Fosa Comun, Lidande, Alastor Sanguinay Embryo, Grimorium Verum, Legion, Beelzebul, Parabellum, Astarium, Evil Hatred and reports about the underground labels like: Hell Productions, Fekette Terror, Murder Records, Dunkelheit Prod, Wings of Destruction Records, Enfermo Distro and much more bios mixed with tons of reviews and flyers!

For all interested in getting your copy do not hesitate to contact and give your support to those who really deserve to be supported...

Since now the pages of VICERAL VOMIT ZINE #16 are open and for that reason, all bands, labels or other insane projects interested to share your news and all information according to your activities just send your stuff to:

Leonel Mora
Oficina de Correos de Ciudad Colon
Code Postal 10701
San Jose – Costa Rica