Compilation Tracks List:

Martelo Negro from Portugal

01 | MARTELO NEGRO "Born Again Antichrist"

Track from the release:
HDP037 | MARTELO NEGRO "Equinócio Espectral" LP 2014

[Black Death Metal]

Sinister from Holland

02 | SINISTER "Ripped From The Cross”

Track from the release
HMR056 | SINISTER "The Unborn Death” 7’EP’2014

[Death Metal Old School]

Neoplasmah from Portugal

03 | NEOPLASMAH "Auguring the Dusk of a New Era”

Track from the release
HDP041 | NEOPLASMAH "Auguring The Dusk Of New Era" Digipack CD'2014

[Black Death Metal]


Amen Corner from Brazil

04 | AMEN CORNER "Diabolic Possession”

Track from the release
HDP045 | AMEN CORNER / BLACK ANGEL "South American Tribute” Split Cassette’2014

[Cult Black Metal Old School]

Marginal from Belgium

05 | MARGINAL "Morbid Computer”

Track from the release
HMR058 | MARGINAL "The Venom" Demo Cassette'2014

[Death Crust Old School]

Scum Liquor from Portugal

06 | SCUM LIQUOR "I Kill Everything I Fuck”

Track from the release
HDP030 | SCUM LIQUOR "Vicious Street Scum” 12” LP 2014

[Black Thrash Metal]

Filii Nigrantium Infernalium from Portugal


Track from the releases
HDP030 | FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM "Pornokrates: Deo Gratias” LP Gatefold'2013
HDP039 | FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM "Pornokrates: Deo Gratias + Bonus: Ep'2002 & Ep'2010" Digipack CD'2014

[Cult Necro Black Thrash Metal]

Anarchos from Holland

08 | ANARCHOS "Saggerburt”

Track from the release
HMR055 | ANARCHOS "Descent Into The Maelström" Demo Cassette’2014

[Blasphemic Death Metal Old School]

Insolitum from Brazil

09 | INSOLITUM "Marcha Para A Morte”

Track from the release
HMR045 | INSOLITUM "Infestus” Demo Cassette’2013

[Old School Death Metal]

Villainy from Holland

10 | VILLAINY "Midnight Metamorphosis”

Track from the release
HDP032 | VILLAINY "Demo I / Demo II” Cassette’2014

[Old School Trash Metal]

The Sorcerer from Portugal

11 | THE SORCERER “The Bearer Of Light”

Track from the release
HDP033 | THE SORCERER “A Graveyard Of Fallen Dreams” CD’2014

[Black Metal]

Alcoholocaust from Portugal

12 | ALCOHOLOCAUST “Supremo Heavy Metal Negro”

Track from the release
HDP012 | ALCOHOLOCAUST ”Speed Degredo Metal” Demo Cassette’2008

[Blasphemic Thrash Metal]

Mystical from Portugal

13 | MYSTICAL “Infernalis Creatura”

Track from the release
HDP031 | MYSTICAL “Infernalis Creatura” Cassette’2013

[Black Metal]

Disthrone from Portugal

14 | DISTHRONE “Anti-System”

Track from the release
HDP028 | DISTHRONE “Anti-System” Demo Cassette’2013

[Crust D-beat]

Scarificare from Portugal

15 | SCARIFICARE “Praise Of Nut”

Track from the releases
HDP034 | SCARIFICARE “Postulado” CD Digipack’2013

[Black Metal]

Grog from Portugal

16 | GROG "Stream Of Psychopathic Devourment”

Track from the releases
HMR033 HMR040 | GROG "Scooping The Cranial Insides” CD’2011 | LP’2012

[Death Metal Grind Core]

Decayed from Portugal

17 | DECAYED "O Fim Dos Baptizados”

Track from the release
HDP020 | DECAYED "Lusitanian Black Fucking Metal” CD’2011

[Fucking Black Metal]

Goatfukk from Portugal

18 | GOATFUKK "Your God That Never Was”

Track from the release
HDP021 | GOATFUKK "Procession Of Forked Tongues” CD’2012

[Black Metal D-Beat]

Grave Desecrator from Brazil


Track from the release
HDP025 | GRAVE DESECRATOR "Insult” Cassette’2012

[Blasphemic Death Metal Old School]

Gorgásmico Pornoblastoma from Portugal


Track from the release
HMR046 | GORGASMICO PORNOBLASTOMA "Gorgasmico Pornoblastoma” Demo Cassette’2013