Hugo Silva - Voice
Mentor of the longing and unique Downthroat, he is responsible for some of the most frantic music, made in Portugal, during the period of activity of this band. Holder of an unshakable dynamic and attitude, he returns to the labors of extreme music assuming all the musical and lyrical composition of Di.soul.ved and continuing his legacy of brutality, raising the intensity limits to dimensions which will shake the cosmos.

Pedro Pedra - Voice
When it comes to Portuguese singers within the guttural style, this is the first name that comes to mind. Leader of the legendary Grog, he is an inescapable figure of death / grind and a reference for all vocalists of the same style. A force of nature with amazing power and a unique sound.

José Marreiros – Guitar
Guitarist in his essence, but above all a musician. Multi-instrumentalist who has recorded several records also as bassist, singer and music producer. Cornerstone of bands like Neoplasmah or Martelo Negro, he conveys a remarkable power and rhythmic creativity.

Rolando Barros - Drums
Unanimously considered one of the most talented Portuguese drummers, he is the engine behind bands like Grog, Neoplasmah, Scent of Death , The Firstborn and he has also recorded albums with Filii Nigrantium Infernalium or Sacred Sin . His playing style leaves no one indifferent, combining technique to an unusual speed.

Hugo Andremon - Guitar
Owning a remarkable experience as a musician in bands like Grog, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium or Simbiose, he is one of the most creative guitar players in the Portuguese scene. Brilliant composer now engaged to his solo project, The Sorcerer, where he explains what of most obscure runs through his musical veins.

Simão Santos - Bass
An extremely versatile musician who wanders easily by any type of metal. From the traditional heavy to the most chaotic grindcore, he has already left his mark in countless records and projects. He has already been Grog bassist, Namek singer, and currently performs with great skill both functions in Martelo Negro.

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