Gorgásmico Pornoblastoma

Gorgásmico Pornoblastoma from right to left:

Luizão - Drums

Ced - Guitar/Vox

Chicote - Bass

When the love for Gore and the respect for Obscenity are more important than you can imagine, the results are as simple as that: GORGÁSMICO PORNOBLASTOMA was formed in Guimaraes (Portugal) in early 2010. A group of friends sharing a similar taste for grindcore and extreme music decided to create the ultimate milk-shake of Genecological madness with a Carnivorouse groovy taste. And so the delirious kept evolving into something more disgusting than before! Madness turn out to be more meaningfull then everything else..
Fuck passion or fashion… Insanity for a living!


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GORGASMICO PORNOBLASTOMA “Delírios De Um Defunto” Official Teaser