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"Criminal Ways" Cassette + Poster A4 + Inlay A5 with 4 pages Limited edition of 100 copies hand-numbered

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Murder Records proudly present the first album entitled "Criminal Ways" from the Brazilians badasses outlaw motherfucker's denominated HEAVY METAL ADDICTED, they are not just another band, but a brotherhood with the weapons loaded with their criminal ideologies to fight in all ways against the inhuman freedom imposed by religions that proclaim hypocritical dogmas, also against all these political systems that is increasingly corrupt and completely against the oppressive attitudes of this rotten society that hides or excuses itself in manipulative lies... HEAVY METAL ADDICTED attack us with an inhuman Black'n'Roll, shooting us with guitars and bass fully raged sliding in the rancorous drums with wild vocals and that was properly extracted in the hate of the murderous streets and exposing here in a very explicit way the bloody rules of the true hellish criminal outlaws... In the insane audition of this album, you will be only one more victim of these violent hellish punk shots that will penetrate your body like bullets and where do not exist any kind of limits or rules that can stop the criminal ways of Black'n'Roll on this outlaw Thrash attack, while necromantic acoustic guitars preparing one more grave in the middle of nowhere and where the only destiny will be the death that will come to give you the final shot... Join us on this devil road, because we only need another whiskey, more weed, and a good fine white golden line... In Drugs We Trust... With Black'N'Roll We Fight... In Metal We Die... CRIMINAL BLACK'N'ROLL ONLY FOR HELLISH OUTLAW BASTARDS...