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"15 Godina Trute Rcme Greatest Hits" Cassette with a limited edition of 100 copies

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Murder Records presents Rotten Rectum a band from Serbia which was founded at the beginning of 2006 in Stara Pazova by Djurcik Miroslav on vocals (Eris, Final Holocaust), Knezevic Borko on vocals, Pop Daniel on drums (Eris, Rubberduckyz, Issues of life, Brain Damage) and Narandzic Nenad on guitar. Rotten Rectum presents an abominable Noisecore where they expose their own hatred for everything around them, in the noise bombardments against this repugnant society... On this release, you can expect only perverted noises that will slide you slowly into this nasty morgue full of cold bodies, ready to be open with this abrasive examination in the autopsies room... PERVERTED NOISECORE ABOMINATION...