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"Regresivo I (Periodo 1999-2009) & Regresivo II (Periodo 2009-2019)" Double Cassette + Poster A4 + Inlay + Release Card Numbered with an edition limited of 150 copies hand-numbered... SPECIAL RELEASE IN DOUBLE CASSETTE FOR THE 20 YEARS OF D.L.50...

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Murder Records proudly announces in cooperation with Funebre Records and Kanashibari Records this co-release with the double cassette of D.L.50, that included two decades completely full of noisy campaigns of protests with the truest Raw Punk Hardcore from the third world... D.L.50 is a band from Paraguay that has affirmed its subterraneous identity with its noisy protest campaigns completely influenced in the 80's old school bands like G.B.H., DISCHARGE, VARUKERS, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, among other projects from Latin America and Scandinavia including former METAL and noisier GRIND bands... Complementing the sound with a lyrical thematic with a social-realistic approach that aims to expose the problems of the state of things, the crisis, and the harsh environment of life within the South American third world, for that reason, we would like to emphasize that D.L.50 has always remained loyal to its ideological principles following a D.I.Y. philosophy and which are reflected in the attitude of the band that celebrated in 2019, 20 years of uninterrupted activity in the Underground scene where it remains sutured in order to work on new protest campaigns that will be properly presented in their future releases... The name of the band D.L.50 was taken from the cruel laboratory test that is carried out in toxicology to determine the level of lethality for the classification with which the most dangerous chemical and combined elements are designated in a explicit way and the main intention of D.L.50 to adopt a shocking relatively original name which deliberately complements its intentions and which is directly related to the infamous events in the rural areas of Paraguay and which consists of the indiscriminate use of agrochemicals in the dosage expressed through the D.L.50 on the basis of products on soybean monocultures and their semillaries, in which alarming deaths by intoxication of people and other living beings caused by genetic alterations, among other atrocities that are not reported or are simply being constantly camouflaged or falsified by the media in the name of "progress", while those responsible for these criminal acts protect themselves in impunity from the scientific alibi called "controlled risk" so as to be able to protect themselves and justify their actions which are nothing more than the calamitous destruction of everything around them, including human beings themselves by human beings... FILTHY RAW PUNK HARDCORE FROM THE NASTY THIRD WORLD...