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“Ära der Finsternis” Cassette + Poster A4 + Inlay with lyrics Limited edition of 150 copies

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Left-hand blast. The path to grind! Coming from the last century and having more than three decades in their back spine, a long road has been carved by these Germanic veterans. Going back to 89, DEPRESSION has been doing it all and getting the right credits for it serving as a reference in the world grindcore scene as their historical and contemporary fellow mates Blood, Dead, Gut, and last but not least Cock And Ball Torture. This handful of artists even might be the winning hand that represents the best extreme bands hailing from the Teutonic metal scene ever. DEPRESSION clearly shows no signs of erosion and an unstoppable will to keep their music as they like and want. Simplicity results for them as a ferocious and deadly mass destructive weapon that shouldn’t be ignored. Heading up for their 6th studio album among countless other releases, DEPRESSION continues to smash our faces to oblivion. Indeed the new opus “Ära der Finsternis” marks their return to their best shape, confirming all said before. The new songs are heavy and groovy Death/Grind but also desperate and morbid pushing us back and forth, testing our limits, surveilling our sanity, and driving us to ecstasy. The final flavor you get is beastly and mouth spilling gore is guaranteed. It’s great to have bands like DEPRESSION around doing what they do and standing for their principles. For this matter “Ära der Finsternis” is a newly written page for them and another one that will be rooted in the history of groovy Death/Grind. GRINDING OLD SCHOOL DEATH METAL...