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"Apocalyptic Extreme Noise Under Unleashed Murder" Split Cassette + Poster A4

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CO-RELEASE VERSIONS: The infamous version from Murder Records is entitled "Apocalyptic Extreme Noise Under Unleashed Murder" limited to 100 copies which is presented in a cassette with one Poster A4 of Absurd & Hideshi Hymn. Murder Records : info@murder-records.com www.murder-records.com The insane version from Extreme Noise Tape is entitled "Noise Party XIV" limited to 20 copies which is presented with the seventh edition of FLEGMA Zine, plus two pins with the logo of Absurd & Hideshi Hymn. Extreme Noise Tape: extremenoisetape@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/Extreme-Noise-Tape-306774349454477/ ======================= Murder Records in cooperation with Extreme Noise Tape intend to announce the release of the split between two one-man projects, from Brazil with Absurd and from Poland with Hideshi Hino, which is presented with two different editions and properly elaborated under the passion of DIY attitude and without fashion bullshits... Absurd is a musical project by Cesar China who delivers 37 slabs of crazy grind noise embraced in chaos The other side of this split unleashes one long track by Hideshi Hino which is a tribute to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” – Apocalyptic Horror Noise… EXTREME NOISE INTO UNLEASHED CHAOS...