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“Infernal Metal Punk” Cassette + Poster A4 + Inlay with 6 pages limited edition of 150 copies RAW SPEED THRASH INFERNAL METAL PUNK...

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Murder Records has the infamous honor of announcing the hellish coffins are open to receive Alcohelldrugs a band from the Brazilian northeastern underworld that was formed in 2014 by two drunkards junkies brothers, Thiago Xaruto and Henrique Alcoholic who came together to extract all the thirsty chaos and self-destruction that runs through their veins and that they feel in their chest. Alcohelldrugs remains buried in the abyssal depths of hell with Murder Records which presents the new release of the band entitled "Infernal Metal Punk" that was properly prepared with the excessive doses of the purest Metal Punk from hell and ready to be voraciously consumed until reaching the blasphemous overdose that Alcohelldrugs presents to us and that has transported us to the underworld of darkness where the chaos of the deepest alcoholic abysses prevails with self-destruction voluntarily vomited in the sewer of the obscure drugs and here is transformed in malefic noise demons and they will possess and consumes you until you die... Alcohol, Sex, Drugs, and Metal Punk Forever...