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7,50 EUR

"Visões Do Fim" Cassette + Poster A4 + Inlay with 8 pages A5 where you can find the biography, lyrics, pictures, and more information about the hellish VULTÖR on this apocalyptic edition of 150 copies...

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Murder Records presents the opening of another social mass grave after carefully removing the mortuary marbles from this human cemetery in order to feed the damned VULTÖR who starving observe this apocalyptic underworld with its impure visions of the end in the cursed dark nights filled with chaos and inhuman rottenness... The hunt continues in this social slaughter in which the rotten human remains serve as food in this decaying society where we must be extremely attentive to the voracious howls of the wolves at night to start this psychological feast that will devour you voraciously in a merciless and socially atrocious way... Vultör intends to voraciously devour the inhuman remains of this humanity that finds itself chained to its own torments of self-enslavement as human beings in a system created by itself and which here becomes a nefarious majedore of the rotten coffins opened here in order to feed the damned vultures of death with all the psychological rottenness of this socially sick human scum... Apocalyptic Speed Thrash Metal Punk from Hell...