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"Smashed Hammer Feast" Split Live Cassette + Poster A4 with a limited edition of 200 copies

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Murder Records and Helldprod Records join their forces one more time to present the new live cassette that includes the legendary protesting noisy blast kings Agathocles properly teamed up with the undisputed death grind vortex slashers of Grog. Two sides captured live upon the Hammer Smashed Fest held in Lisbon last year. In a total of nearly 40 minutes between the two bands, this is one of those releases that will knock you down before the bell rings. Expect to hear some of the major hymns in underground extreme music played by some of the most ancient bands within this genre because we firmly believe that it's never too late to celebrate a good punch between your teeth! Hammer Smashed Feast will be out on Cassette with a Poster A4 and all its fury shall set a new limit upon what's so insane and powerful on both bands when they perform live. With an awesome production you will undoubtedly feel the raging fluids dripping through your bleeding lips and mouth. Straight in your face, no questions asked, here you will find a lovely celebration of an old friendship translated into a menacing and violent f.o.a.d. musical attitude. Smack your head, taste your brain and spill your blood while your eyeballs roll over on your grinded corpse are the only rules set to provide you the appropriate adrenalin on this release. Get smashed or have a shameful death! LIVE GALLOWS OF MINCECORE HANGING THE DEATH CREATURES WITH A GRINDCORE MUTILATION...