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6,66 EUR

"Vasta Escuridão" Cassette + Inlay with lyrics + Poster A4'2020 (European Special Edition)

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Murder Records has mortuary bandages prepared to initiate the profane embalming of all the wicked creatures huddled in the ominous ruins from this tormented humanity and cloistered in the deepest caverns of darkness and where the cursed servants of death echoes the funeral hymns for this infernal ritual where all the insane nightmares will be extracted and liberated from your obscure subconscious... Embalsamado manifests here a morbid misfortune shrouded in obscure plagues of the macabre harvest of death so that we can reach the most bizarre nightmares within our coffin and it is here that we will start a journey within our vast darkness so that we can walk alone in silence in the cursed mazes of this life useless where there is only a deep primitive emptiness that is reflected in our ability to assume completely free insanity, where we have already broken all chains full of absurd psychological prejudices to allow us to reach voluntary minimalist loneliness and abruptly free from an insignificant life that only it intends to trap us in the oppression of excessively human sentimentalisms that simply do not exist or have any meaning here... The chalices are already filled with the most damn bitter poisons of the desperation of this soured life in pure agony, so that we can toast with death the absolute end of this insignificant existence that only a few manage to embalm within themselves and to be eternally free from all. those hypocritical dogmas full of weak ideologies that rot this tormented humanity... HELLISH DOOM WITH OBSCURE BLACK EMBALMED INTO A HEAVY MORBID DEATH...